Monday, April 27, 2009

DJ PUMP (Eh! Team / Calgary) - The Return! You know him, you love him. He's gonna smash!


(Eh! Team / Calgary)

Friday May 8th
364 Water St

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(Eh! Team / Calgary)

In a world full of run of the mill DJs, Pump stands out as being extremely talented and unique in delivery. Pump's abilities are surpassed by a few, while his diversity stretches the boundaries of Turntablism and what it means to be a real party DJ. When mixing, scratching, creating beat juggles or blending beats from hip-hop to funk, soul, disco, rock, reggae & everything in between, Pump focuses on the overall musical composition and the sound of the end result. His no gimmick style of skilled accuracy coupled with a distinct ear for all things funky and soulful makes him one of the nations most versatile party DJs around. His performances have earned him the respect amongst his peers as one of Canadas best kept secret.

Pump is one of the few Calgary bred DJ's to receive global recognition with notable awards and accolades including both DMC & ITF Canadian Champion. This Calgarian is also part of Team Canada's DJ crew/management agency: The Eh! Team DJ's, alongside Jr Flo (Toronto), Illo (Ottawa) and Hedspin (Vancouver).

Throughout his career Pump headlined some of the most exciting club nights around the globe and showcased alongside a myriad of shows and DJs such as N.E.R.D, Common, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Afrika Bambataa, Chromeo, A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Sharon Jones, Grand Master Flash, Questlove, Peanut Butter Wolf, Public Enemy and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. Since then, he's crafted his credentials to include his highly sought-after mixtapes. This is a testament to Pump's keen ear for music, credibility and branding. One look at his resume and its no wonder why his loyal fan base continues to grow.


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JAYCEEOH (NYC / Super 7 / The Masters) & MIKE THE 2600 KING (Minneapolis / Burlesque Designs) - 2 BIG DJs, 1 BIG PARTY!!


(Minneapolis / Burlesque Designs)

(NYC / Super 7 / The Masters)


Friday May 1st
364 Water St

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SUPER 7 Volume 1

SUPER 7 Volume 2


Discobelle: Mixin' it Up

LIVE @ HOME (for Fully Fitted, March 2008)

Grain Edit mix (all-vinyl mix and LP jacket gallery for graphic design blog Grain Edit, March 2008)

LIVE MIXXX ACTION (SXSW promo mix, March 2007)

More Info:
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(Minneapolis / Burlesque Designs)

Starting off as a college radio DJ in St. Louis, Mike learned his way around a pair of turntables and began building his record collection, spinning at parties on campus and around the city. In 1999, he released "Yars' Revenge," a 4-track mixtape of funk breaks, scratch routines, and Black Sabbath and Sesame Street samples.

In the years to follow, Mike linked up with Doug Surreal, Bitch Ass Darius, and other St. Louis DJs to form the Litterthugz crew, with whom he spun at clubs, parties, and DJ battles around the Midwest, was twice nominated as St. Louis' best hip hop DJ, and released the T.A.B.L.A.M.F.C.B. 12", a barrage of cut-and-paste jeep beats, as well as a slew of acclaimed mix CDs including the funk and psychedelic workout "Heavy Session."

Now residing in Minneapolis, Mike can be found cutting up funk, disco, classic hip hop, oldies, Miami Bass, and '80s rock and R&B at parties and clubs around town, opening up for acts such as Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, The Rub, Spankrock, Atmosphere, DJ Steinski, and Prince Paul.

(NYC / Super 7 / The Masters)

DJ JayCeeOh is a rare breed of artist who combines turntabilism and top notch selecting to move any crowd from intimate gathering to rammed out mega-club. A master DJ who can integrate everything from hip-hop, electro, rock, pop, mash-up, funk, soul, reggae, and house, JayCeeOh is a representative of the next level of party rocking.

Jay has dedicated fan bases in his dual hometowns of NYC and LA, as well as many places in
between. Moving over 150,000 units of his critically acclaimed mixtapes, Jay has established himself as a force on the international DJ scene. He has toured across the US extensively as well as hot spots in Europe, Brazil, Jamaica and Canada.

JayCeeOh has been spotlighted in multiple magazines, periodicals, and websites including The Source, URB, Remix,, New York Press, The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix,, Daily Dose, Elemental, Under Pressure, Okayplayer, Tablist, and Beautiful/Decay.

As an artist Jay has collaborated with some of hip-hop's elite, including songs with Talib Kweli, J-Dilla, KRS-one, Little Brother, Sean Price and Pete Rock. JayCeeOh held his own in the Battle DJ circuit, placing 2nd at the 2006 DMC US FINALS Team Competition, 3rd in the 2006 DMC US SUPREMACY battle, as well as winning back to back Turntablist of the Year (2006, 2007) titles at the M.I.C. Awards.

Focused on party rocking, backed by his technical precision and musical depth, JayCeeOh's experience and versatile talent has made him one of the next major DJs on the rise. From tour support and mega-clubs to promotional mixes and events of all types, JayCeeOh will deliver.

JayCeeOh has worked with corporate clients including Burton, Comedy Central, Warner Bros Records, Neiman-Marcus, Adidas, Puma, Karmaloop, and Decon Media providing sounds for some of the most well known brands in sports, entertainment, and fashion.

DJ JayCeeOh has performed alongside the likes of : Kanye West, Ludacris, Common, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Spider, DJ Fashen, DJ Revolution, La Coka Nostra, The Rub, The Beat Junkies, J-Rocc, Roxy Cottontail, Roc Raida, Questlove, DJ Krush, DJ Klever, Z-Trip, Elephant Man, Peanut Butter Wolf, Grand Wizard Theodore, Morse Code, Steve Aoki, Franki Chan, Diplo, RJD2, SHYFX, DJ Logic, Tony Touch, DJ JS-1, Disco- D, Mix Master Mike, + many more !!

This is gonna be super!! Two BIG DJs, One BIG PARTY - THIS FRIDAY, May 1st @ Shine!


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grand Theft - Disco Remix

This is the original Sh0ve !t (lp version):

Then came a ton of remixes. First there was the Sw!tch remix:

Then Spankr0ck jumped on it:

There was a D!sc0 D (R.I.P.) remix on the Top Rankin mixtape:

Then came the Thr33 6 Maf!a remix:

and now, Team Canada's very own Grand Theft gives it a disco treatment:

Grand Th3ft - Shoveit (Disco Remix)

The Switch remix was enough fire to be my favourite version of Sh0ve !t but now GrandTh3ft done did it. He gave this track a disco treatment and produced what is now my new fav remix of this track. Now I got two versions for two different parties/moods. Words from Grand Theft below.
Heres a remix I did at the end of last summer. Its been under wraps for a while but is getting posted a bunch of spots this week I think. Some of the homies like U-Tern, Hedspin and Illo have broken this track in some dope mixes they have done. Thanks to Uncle Jesse for the artwork. Good summer vibes. Enjoy. [source: Eh! Team]
As a bonus, here's the lyrics as well. Singalong now.

Brooklyn we go hard_
We on the look for the advantage, we work hard_
And if we seem to rough it up a bit_
We broke but we rich at heart_
Pull ourselves up now we won't choke_
It's our time, put the lights on us__

War tactics they make me sick_
Reel your heart in run away with it_
Smile in your face, undermine your back_
Got guns for the strength they lack_
So if you know another way_
You can't look the other way_
If you know another way,_
Tell them so right to their face__

We think you're a joke_
Shove your hope where it don't shine (4x)__

I pay for what's called _
Eccentricity and my will to evolve_
I hear them all say_
That I got heart_
But not everything that it takes__

Taint my mind but not my soul_
Tell you I got fire_
I wont sell it for no payroll_
Let 'em hold me down_
I know if I know another way_
I can't look the other way_
I know another way_
I'll tell them so right to their face__

We think you're a joke_
Shove your hope where it don't shine (4x)
Sant0g0ld - Sh0ve !t Remix ft 3-6 Maf!a
Santigold aka Santi White <3
Sant0g0ld - Shove It (Sw!tch Remix) and other songs

Friday, April 24, 2009

GUGD: DJ MEL (Austin, Texas) - Friday April 24th @ Shine. TONIGHT!!

Get Up Get Down presents:

DJ MEL (Austin, Texas)
Friday April 24th

364 Water St


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More info:
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DJ Mel is a turntablist in the purest form of the art; the party rocker. Musically unpretentious, Stylistically eclectic." Dj Wise". Renowned as one of the most prolific djs in the business due to his wildly popular Rock the Casbah 80s parties, host of the longest running Hip Hop weekly in Texas, a Finalist in the 2004 Scion Free Your Mix contest, regularly touring across North America, all the while holding down his position as Hip Hop buyer for the hugely successful Waterloo Records in Austin Tx.

"A flawless mixer, Mel always makes it a point to demonstrate the similarities between divergent styles of music, whether segueing A Tribe Called Quest into Black Sabbath, or a 50 Cent a cappella track over a Nine Inch Nails instrumental. Brazen enough to make such musical leaps, Mel is a master of true party rocking.

An avid a crate digger, Mel traverses the vinyl archives for anything apt to make people bug out - physically, mentally, emotionally. An admirer of like-minded national DJs such as The Rub, Haul & Mason and DJ Z-Trip, it's no wonder unpredictability has become an asset for Mel as he continues on his quest to "put Austin on the map." (Austin Chronicle).

I'm also a photographer. I have work featured in BPM, Stealth Magazine and several European publications. see my work on flickr.

I have a weblog. Visit it.

DJ Mel - Everybody Everybody (DJ Mel Dancehall Remix)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Neil Armstrong - In Store @ Beatstreet Records - Today

NEIL ARMSTRONG (5th Platoon / NYC / Jay-Z's DJ / Roc Boyz)

Live In Store @ Beatstreet Records
439 Hastings St

Sweeet Part 2 Mixtape Release and Listening Party

Neil Armstrong will be at Beatstreet Records today from 2pm-4pm. Exclusive Sweeet Part 2 mixtape release and listening party. Be one of the first to put your hands on his first mixtape in 3 years! Freshly pressed and packaged this week, this is the Neil Armstrong you know and love.

Beastreet is Vancouver's premier record shop to cop the new CD. While you're there cop records, gear, merch, tickets, books, cds, DJ equipmet and more. It's THE BEST record shop in Vancity.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mixtapes, Blogs, Interviews: NEIL ARMSTRONG - NYC (5th Platoon / Roc Boyz / Jay-Z's DJ)

GET UP GET DOWN presents

First Time In Vancity!!

(NYC / 5th Platoon / Roc Boyz / Jay-Z's DJ)

Friday April 17th
Shine - 364 Water St



A note from Neil Armstrong to his fans worldwide:

Long before backing up Jay-Z around the world I was known way more for making these really interesting thematic mixtapes, as opposed to being known for throwing up diamond roc hand signs.

The 2nd cd I made was one called sweeet, dang near 10 years ago. It wasn't as planned as my other cds, but it become clear when it was done that it was the about the sweeet goodness of love life and soul.

The music on it felt good, like the sunshine.

Now although I've done some crazy things over the past year - performing at Madison Square Garden, hitting the stage in front of over 120,000 people at glastonbury, and being on the world stage front and center as the man behind the 1's and 2's at President Obama's Inaugration, I've learned to my greatest pleasure that I'm the same cat I was 10 years ago.

Nothings changed, because -
I was who I was before I got here.

I'm this person, who listens to a lot of music, who loves the art of djing, and whose answer to Huey Lewis' (can't forget the news!) eternal question will always be an unequivocal "yes" - I do believe in love.

This cd is called Sweeet part 2, to keep pushing the feeling on. This is my 1st full cd in over 3 years, and I really missed making these things for y'all. Sorry it took so long...

A special thanks to Sky Gellatly, Miss Vashtie, G Bo the Pro & Double R, and of course Mr. Carter for providing me with one of the greatest opportunities a DJ and a Hip Hop head could ever experience, and also to miss Ona Weber whose infectious hope and happiness will always have an important place in my life...


Neil Armstrong - Original

Bonus: Sweet 2 (sampler) (direct link - right click save as)

Neil Armstrong Blog Post:
Technically speaking this isn't my 1st time performing on that side of town. I did the Pemberton Festival with Jay last year... You know that line in Jockin jay-z - "showin me her chi chis...", I'm pretty sure he got that line from what happened at the pemberton , where a nice canadian girl started frolicking with her boobies while we were performing... OH U CRAZY CANUCKS ;)
BUT this is my 1st time rockin solo, so make sure to come out and party with me if you're on that side of the world. 


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Treeman: Russian Man Has Tumour...errrr...Tree Removed From Lung

Artyom Sidorkin, a 28 year old Russian man, has surgery to remove...a spruce tree? Is this humanly possibly? Really? A 5cm fir tree grows in a man's lung in Russia. He was complaing of chest pain and coughing up blood. Doctors initially believed it was a tumor and decided to operate. When they cut him open they found the tree inside his body. The explanation given is that he most likely swallowed or inhaled a seed.

Oh really? Or did he swallow this 5cm fir tree on a dare? A little vodka, walk in the forest with some friends, a small possibly swallowable tree branch, laughter during the attempt to swallow this little fir tree, and down the wrong hole into the lung. Possibly...then again, you never thought you could grow a tree in your lung did you?

I dare someone to try swallowing a hemp seed...

Green Team! Environmental Tips from Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, and Adam Mckay

Green Team! Environmental tips from Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, and Adam Mckay. Starts off with basics, then gets absurd. What else did you expect?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reverse Graffitti Project

A south English bloke named Moose creates a mural by washing away the dirt. A reverse stencil if you will.

More info, lots of videos of the process, and still pics at

Rock The Bells 2009 Lineup Announced with a stop in Vancouver

Who's going? This is gonna be the summer jam. Can't wait for this one. Line up looks incredible.

Supernat freestyles the line up at the press conference in Cali. This IS hip hop.

Press conference after the freestyle.

B3gg!n - oh my...please stick to P!L00ski + Gay F!sh

P!l00sk! - B3gg!n
Bonus: Madc0n - B3gg!n
And 1: Tr3y Park3r - G@y F!sh (Kany3 W3st parody of H3artl3ss)

The power of music. What makes the latest Ad!das ad campaign work is the soundtrack provided by P!l00ski's "B3gg!n" (edit of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons). Easily one of the best tracks of the past few years, it rose to #1 on the UK Dance charts after it was released in 2006 so it's not a stretch for Adidas to include this in their latest ad campaign. It got so much attention and love in Europe that Madcon from Norway ended up putting raps to it. For my money (and my party) don't fck with anything but P!looski edit. Perfection.

I do have to say thanks though. One for Pilo0ki over Madc0n usage and two to Ad!das for not using any music from the musicians, MC's and bands shown throughout the house party. Irony? Zing pow popozao. Maybe I won't be laughing when "B3gg!n" becomes the newest anthem of guidos and douches everywhere...

That does look like a good house party I must admit. A sock hop instead perhaps?

I've been sleeping on the internet. I didn't realize Beggin was fairly popular/well known. There's cover versions from some all female group in the UK and some solo female in the States and other karaoke attempts. Like Madc0n's version it's the singing that makes all these covers so weak. All three pale in comparison to Franki Valli. They rip the soul out of the song. No one in any cover version can touch Franki3 Valli so stop fcking around and stick to Pil00ski.

Speaking of being popular Am3er!ca's B3st Danc3 Cr3w gave shine to Beggin, there's terrible mash ups with Black 3y3d P3as, P!tbull, Ak0n and other shit. Stop it. Suddenly I feel like Beggin is completely over-exposed. Now I'm waiting for "Gay Fish" I mean Kany3 W3st to ruin another good track. Coming in 2011...after he catches on.

(ps. the Adam Chu vid soundtrack below is from one of the female versions - like I's just not the same...)

If you must...Madc0n. Actually it's not that bad...just their attempt at the hook has me turned off. They did win something like 4 awards though due to this track's success. There's a "disco" remix and an "electro" remix. Again...if you must.

Bonus Video: Sports mash up? Basketball meets soccer. Beckham school's Kevin Garnett while shooting the house party. Bet B3ckham can't dunk on KG though. Nice kick. Reminds me of soccer skeet.

Oh yeah...the South Park "Gay Fish" episode.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Grandmast3r Flash - Ess3ntial Mix: Class!c Edition

Grandmaster Flash smashes this mix. It's all the in the title: ESSENTIAL. CLASSIC. No filler, no water. Straight heat, the way a DJ should DJ, the way a mix should be made. Showing off his true master status with a finesse and craftsmanship rivalled by mom's home cooking this has been on constant rotation in my library for a really long time. Listen and learn.

Bonus is probably the real "Lesson 1" but since those were the concept of Double D and Steinski I'll call it "Lesson 00". It's one of the earliest cut-and-paste record to be put on recording. There are many classic DJ tracks and this was one of the first ones to showcase the real skills and talent possessed by the DJ behind the wheels of steel (turntables yo). Listen and learn.

Grandmaster Flash - Essential Mix: Classic Edition Tracklisting:
1) Intro
2) I Can't Wait - (with Nu Shooz)
3) I Found Lovin' - (with The Fatback Band)
4) Before I Let Go - (with Maze/Frankie Beverly)
5) We Got the Funk - (with Positive Force)
6) Rapture - (with Blondie)
7) Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - (with In Deep)  
8) Cavern - (with Liquid Liquid)
9) I'll Do Anything For You - (with Denroy Morgan)
10) Bra - (with Cymande)
11) Walking on Sunshine - (with Rocker's Revenge)
12) Rock Your World - (with Weeks & Co.)
13) Love Is the Message - (with MFSB/The Three Degrees)
14) Give It up or Turnit a Loose - (with James Brown)  
15) It's Just Begun - (with Jimmy Castor Bunch)
16) You're the One For Me - (with D Train)
17) Planet Rock - (with Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gr3g W!ls0n - Ess3ntial Mix 2009

Ah Greg Wilson. An edit legend. A disco master. A true head and DJ supreme. Sought after for his finesse and touch he's been credited (the edit) as being the first person to mix two records on British TV. A DJ and OG from back in the 70's/80's he took a long (decade) hiatus from DJ'ing but has jumped back in the game and been setting shit on fire. Proof positive is fully realized in this Essential Mix, a mix that has many stating it's one of the best Essential Mix ever. Not this year, not recently, but yes -EVER! That's major praise as Essential Mix has been a DJ institution for decades and in 2009 Greg Wilson bangs out the best ever? Listen and learn.

Here's what a few artists had to say about this mix:
"Outstanding" - Gap Band
"Ridin High" - Faze-O
"Pac Jam" - Jozun Crew
"Jam On It" - Newcleus
"Get Up Get Down" - Needle Kineval

Greg Wilson - Essential Mix Tracklist
The Originals - Down To Love Town (Dimitri From Paris mix) - Motown
Soul Searchers - Blow Your Whistle - Sussex
Goody Goody - It Looks Like Love - Atlantic
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt Down mix) - West End
Metro Area - Dance Reaction - Environ
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Greg Wilson mix) - Disco Deviance / DJ Only
Sugardaddy - Love Honey (Greg Wilson mix) - Tirk
Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje mix) - Supreme / DJ Only
Q - The Voice Of Q - Philly World
Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House - Cutting
Atlantic Conveyor - We Are - Untracked
Firefly - Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) - Emergency
Kasso - Walkman - F1 Team
Rose Royce - Do Your Dance - Whitfield
Gunchback Boogie Band - Funn - Prelude
Rufus feat Chaka Khan - Aint Nobody (Frankie Knuckles mix) - Warner Brothers
Happy Mondays - WFL (Vince Clarke mix) - Factory
Young Dog Alien - Gotta Keep Workin It (Greg Wilson mashup) - Reactivate
Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Todd Terje mix) - Motown
Loose Ends - Hangin On A String (Frankie Knuckles mix) - Ten
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Danny Krivit mix) - Rock / DJ Only
Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven (Larry Levan mix) - Garage
The Commodores - Machine Gun (Situation mix) - Motown
B.T (Breanda Taylor) - You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (Greg Wilson mix) - Tirk
West Phillips - (Im Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face - Quality
Edit The Edit - Two Sides Of Sympanthy (PTA mashup / Greg Wilson mix) - Edit The Edit / DJ Only
Stone Roses - Fools Gold - Silvertone
Banbarra - Shack Up - United Artists
War - Me And Baby Brother - Island
Gino Soccio - Try It Out - Warner Brothers
Geraldine Hunt - Cant Fake The Feeling - Prism
Brown - I Specialize In Love - Profile
Visual - The Music Got Me - Prelude
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache - MGM
Tweet - Boogie 2nite (Fat Camp mix) - Elektra / DJ Only
Dc La Rue - Cathedrals (Greg Wilson mix) - Disco Deviance / DJ Only
Teenage DJ - I Was A Teenage DJ (part 1) (Greg Wilson mix) - Reactivate
Sir Joe Quarterman - (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (Barna Soundmachine mix) - GSF / DJ Only
League Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of - Virgin
TW Funkmasters - Love Money - Champagne
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm - American
The Clash - Casbah Breakdown (Joey Negro mix) - CBS
808 State - Pacific State (Greg Wilson mix) - ZTT

Oh and recognize a true master. Analog bitches! The really real shit.

GUGD: DJ SEGA (Philly / Mad Decent / Brick Bandits) - Friday April 3rd @ Shine

GET UP GET DOWN presents

DJ SEGA (Philly / Mad Decent / Brick Bandits)

Friday April 3rd
364 Water St

Robert "DJ Sega" Taylor Jr. isn't your typical young bol. Only 20 years old, he espouses a knowledge of and enthusiasm for the finer points of music better than heads twice his age.

Taylor's father DJ Brother Rob raised him on classic soul, and his obsession with music grew from there. "I love every genre, from classical to heavy metal," he beams. "I understand it and love it all. If you see me without my headphones, then I'm going through something and there's a problem."

Currently holding residence Friday nights at Jamz Roller Skating Center with DJ Dee Square, and Sundays at Pinnacle, Taylor is one of Philly's most respected "party music" DJs.

As a producer his stock has exploded with "Woo Hah!" and the track currently forcing kids to Wu-Tang their asses off, "Ghetto Hokey Pokey."

Asked to describe the nuances that differentiate Baltimore, Jersey and Philly club music, Taylor breaks it down. "Baltimore club is more for the club scene. It's hype, and has a lot of horns," he explains. "Jersey club is a little more mainstream simply because they chop it up more to make remixes of mainstream hip-hop, and they use a lot of bass. Philly club has elements of both--without as many horns, and it also has a lot of bass. I try to add some soul to it too."

Ever positive, Sega is a man with a mission, "I just want people to hear my music and feel whatever bad situation they're in either doesn't exist or won't be a problem for long. When you dance and hear music that makes you move, you get a feeling that it's gonna be all right."