Friday, April 3, 2009

Grandmast3r Flash - Ess3ntial Mix: Class!c Edition

Grandmaster Flash smashes this mix. It's all the in the title: ESSENTIAL. CLASSIC. No filler, no water. Straight heat, the way a DJ should DJ, the way a mix should be made. Showing off his true master status with a finesse and craftsmanship rivalled by mom's home cooking this has been on constant rotation in my library for a really long time. Listen and learn.

Bonus is probably the real "Lesson 1" but since those were the concept of Double D and Steinski I'll call it "Lesson 00". It's one of the earliest cut-and-paste record to be put on recording. There are many classic DJ tracks and this was one of the first ones to showcase the real skills and talent possessed by the DJ behind the wheels of steel (turntables yo). Listen and learn.

Grandmaster Flash - Essential Mix: Classic Edition Tracklisting:
1) Intro
2) I Can't Wait - (with Nu Shooz)
3) I Found Lovin' - (with The Fatback Band)
4) Before I Let Go - (with Maze/Frankie Beverly)
5) We Got the Funk - (with Positive Force)
6) Rapture - (with Blondie)
7) Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - (with In Deep)  
8) Cavern - (with Liquid Liquid)
9) I'll Do Anything For You - (with Denroy Morgan)
10) Bra - (with Cymande)
11) Walking on Sunshine - (with Rocker's Revenge)
12) Rock Your World - (with Weeks & Co.)
13) Love Is the Message - (with MFSB/The Three Degrees)
14) Give It up or Turnit a Loose - (with James Brown)  
15) It's Just Begun - (with Jimmy Castor Bunch)
16) You're the One For Me - (with D Train)
17) Planet Rock - (with Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force)

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