Friday, October 9, 2009

People Under The Stairs - Trippin At The Disco

People Under The Stairs - Trippin At The Disco

Great video. PUTS come correct as always. Thanks to Manos for the link.
In March of 1980 two young rappers from los angeles appeared on the "Chikara Kurahashi Hit Station" variety show in Tokyo. It was the first time rap music had ever been performed in Asia and here is the lost tape of that performance. Enjoy this lost performance transferred from Beta - People Under The Stairs "Trippin' at the Disco"

Directed by: Chris Zamoscianyk & Thes One
Special Effects: Ryan Fitzgerald [source]

Marcia Griffiths ft Busy Signal - Automatic

Marcia Griffiths ft Busy Signal - Automatic

Busy Signal smashes this track alongside legend Marcia Griffiths. For me it's all about Busy on this one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

She's Back From The Crack

Whitn3y H0ust0n - M!ll!0n D0llar B!ll ft A!icia K3ys (Mike Simonetti's Getting Stronger edit) (s3ndspac3) [source]

Dear Whitn3y, I hear ya and I feel ya on this one. Even though you take a monstrous bite off L0leatta H0ll0way's "We're Getting Stronger" you updated it nice and I'm not mad at that. I can feel your truth in this song and it's a beautiful thing. Welcome back. You smashed it.

Thanks to Alicia K3ys (who wrote this track) and Swizz Beats (producer) Whitn3y is back in a big way. Listen and agree. Yey I said it: agree (Pharoahe Monch).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

R.I.P. Roc Raida - Body Tricks Video - why he was a legend

Roc Raida says "This is a secret. I shouldn't even be telling you fckin guys this. But this is a secret. I shouldn't be fckin telling anyone about this one." - Roc Raida giving up body tricks secrets.

Every DJ attempted to do body tricks, but no one could do them like Roc Raida. Watch and learn.

Every DJ who ever touched turntables always attempted the same thing first: scratching. Scratching, which was invented by Grandwizard Theodore, is probably still the primary reason a lot of DJs start DJ'ing at all. It was in the early 90's that scratching and the scratch community really started to grow. Fuelled by 5th generation dubs of legendary DJ Battles - NME, Superman, DMC - and featured on jazz records like Herbie Hancock "Rockit" and taken around the world with the likes of Jam Master Jay (RIP JMJ) on a world stage with RUN DMC, scratching birthed sons and daughters who would push it to heights unknown. These sons and daughters formed crews, and one of these crews belonged to Roc Raida - X-Men.

Roc Raida and the X-Men were legends and pioneers of the scratch. One of the catalysts for the explosion of scratching was the invention of the flare, by non other than DJ Flare. It was a method of reversing the crossfader action so that the sound would be open at start and closed in the middle and open again at the end. It was a reversal of the transformer (which was invented by DJ Jazzy Jeff) which started with the crossfader closed and open and closed in rhythm to the beat. For those who are still confused, the transformer played on the beat while the flare played in between the beat (like half notes). Simply the flare was a revelation which revolutionized the game. For all the advances the flare introduced, there was probably one other that ultimately pushed scratching and beat juggling to the mainstream: body tricks.

Body tricks were initially seen as a gimmick, a trick to to play to the masses and the audiences of lesser knowledge to gain their favour and support during head to head battles like the ITF's. There was an almost east coast/west coast rivalry that grew out of the body tricks debate. Crews on the west coast like Invisible Skratch Piklz claimed the "keep it real" tag and resorted to improving existing scratches while creating new ones for everyone to bite. Crews on the east coast like X-Men saw body tricks as an art, a skill that you had to work on for years just like you had to with your scratching. It was the next level in turntablism and it was warmly embraced by Roc Raida and fam. X-Men saw the full potential of body tricks and came up with the sickest body tricks routines and dared anyone to try to make a fool out of them.

I can remember every single DJ trying to do the back to back doubles body trick that Roc Raida made famous. In the middle of a DMC style routine Raida would lean into the mixer and send the crossfader over with his shoulder, as a warm up to his ace: the Roc Raida bodyroll (I don't know if his trick had an official name). Raida would put his back on the crossfader and throw his hands over the opposite shoulder (eg right hand over the left shoulder) and rock back to back while controlling the crossfader with his back and manipulating the records with his hands. It was unreal! Beat juggling was one thing, but beat juggling with body tricks - THAT body trick - was absolutely mind blowing. He didn't fck up, he didn't miss a beat, and most of all he mad it LOOK easy. Every DJ who ever saw Roc Raida do that went home that very same night and attempt it at home. That is why he is one of the all time greats in the DJ community. If you haven't watch the video yet, you will get to see him throw all his body tricks into a full routine. Sick. Can't believe we just lost him.

R.I.P. GRANDMASTER ROC RAIDA. A true pioneer, icon, legend, comedian. There'll be no other. Long live body tricks!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Friday Sept 18th

The Freshest
SEKO - DJ Seko Myspace
KUTCORNERS - Kutcorners Myspace

Back Room
U-Tern (Brooklyn Radio / One Day Later / Urb Next 100)

364 Water St

Residents: DJ Arems, Rico Uno, U-Tern, Freeky P on the mic


5 Years and Runnin!
(2 years @ Tokyo Lounge, 3 Years @ Shine)

Quick Facts:
- Get Up Get Down first started at TOKYO LOUNGE
- yes, that's us. The crazy, wild, feel good Friday Night party @ Tokyo Lounge!
- when Tokyo Lounge shut down we moved to Shine Night Club which has been our home for the past 3 years
- moving to Shine allowed us to expand to an incredible 2 room party
- we have brought together Vancity's best DJs in the past and the present to promote what many have called the best Hip Hop night in Vancity
- we have brought you world class talent including: Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, A-Trak, Diplo, Hollertronix, Maseo (De La Soul), Peanut Butter Wolf, The Rub, and countless others (a full list will be up soon!)


Hip Hop / Reggae / Dancehall / Party Classics / Big Chunes

DJ KUTCORNERS (The Freshest)
DJ U-TERN (Brooklyn Radio / URB Next 100)

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine


Del & Tame One - Flashback

Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Flashback (mediafire)

Not only is Del and Tame One back, but hip hop is back in 2009. Take a trip down memory lane as Del and Tame One wax poetic on the the history of hip hop, music, icons, g.o.a.t.s., culture, politics, arts, fashion, childhood - everything. Song's pretty dope (maybe a min too long) and I'm falling back in love with hip hop this year.

Friday, September 4, 2009

R.S.B.P. - A Special Back Room Party w/ Roxy, DJ Static, Bles-sed

Friday Sept 11th

R.S.B.P. - A Special Back Room Party w/
ROXY (Love & Electrik)

Love and Electrik Myspace | Love and Electrik Blog | WEFUNK Radio | SVS Style

364 Water St

Residents: DJ Arems, Rico Uno, U-Tern, Freeky P on the mic


We're doing it again. After a successful and mad fun party last month with this trio it's time for another one. Expect a heavy dose of funk, soul, disco, boogie, classics, 80s, golden era hip hop, love & electrik, wefunk radio, svs style.

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

Teknique The Kingpin & DJ Icy Touch - Sept 11th @ Shine

Friday Sept 11th

TEKNIQUE THE KINGPIN (The Club Bangers / Toronto)
DJ ICY TOUCH (The Club Bangers) |

364 Water St

Residents: DJ Arems, Rico Uno, U-Tern, Freeky P on the mic


TEKNIQUE The Kingpin was born to entertain. Born into the vibrant streets of Toronto, Canada in the 70s, Teknique became engulfed into the hip-hop culture. Raised in a Caribbean household, he was exposed all types of urban music from gospel to reggae. His family was heavily involved in entertainment. His mother was an established well-known gospel singer in the Caribbean and his brother was a local MC and aspiring DJ that surrounded him with the hip-hop culture on a daily basis. But it was the day that he heard The Show by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick that change his life and love for the culture forever. At this time, Teknique still balances all of his talents with accuracy. You can now catch him hypin up a club as a club MC, grooving a crowd as a DJ, or throwing down the hottest tunes on his series of mixtape-style CDs. Knowing all aspects of urban entertainment, Teknique is poised to continue his reign as THE KINGPIN.

Click Here for Guest List

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

DJ Mateo "C'est Tres Bon"

DJ MATEO - C'est Tres Bon


I made this mix for those sunny days chillin poolside or lounging on the yacht, not a worry on your mind, life is good. Chicken is on the grill and you’re sipping on some San Pellegrino. Girls in bikinis lying on a grassy knoll type shit. It features some amazing producers local and international; whose music keeps life peachy. I kept it simple and unpretentious, that’s the name of the game, as far as I’m concerned. The mix was recorded live using 2 Technics turntables and a Pioneer DJM909 mixer.

Don't forget the "C'est Tres Bon" CD Release Party + Launch
We'll have 100 CDs to giveaway all night long


High Fashion: Love (DJ Anonymous Edit)
Phoenix: Listzomania (Classixx Remix)
Lovebirds – Tuesday
David Rubato – Circuit (Aeroplane Remix)
Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix)
Dj Flipout –
Los Hermanos Autotune
Damn Arms – Destination (Cassian Remix)
Escort – A Bright New Life (Morgan Geist Re-Edit)
Magic Fly – 2 Planets
Kotey Extra Band (Feat. Chaz Jankel) – Sooner or Later (
Chicken Lips
Major Lazer – Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)
Claude Von Stroke and Chrisitan Martin Vs Pitbull – Groundhog Day/Girls
Gone Wild (Emynd Blend)
Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)
Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor (
Smoke & Mirrors Edit)
Diplo and Laidback Luke – Hey (Original mix)
Chelley – Took the Night
U-Tern (Feat. Kutcorners) – Disco Sizzurp
Turbotito – Liquid Disco
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
LadyhawkeParis is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
Kris Menace – Metropolis (Night Version)

Friday, August 28, 2009

DJ MATEO (The Cobbles) - "C'est Tres Bon" CD Release Party + Launch Party

Friday Sept 4th

DJ MATEO (The Cobbles)
"C'est Tres Bon" CD Release Party + Launch Party |

364 Water St

Residents: DJ Arems, Rico Uno, U-Tern, Freeky P on the mic


Don’t get it twisted; this young gun is no newcomer to DJ'ing. '99 marked the year Matéo would acquire his first pair of turntables. It wouldn’t be long before he would be found sneaking underage into the Vancouver nightclubs, playing breaks with some of the most talented DJs Vancouver had to offer. As the years went on, he continued to play at numerous venues across Vancouver dropping everything from funk to dubstep.

The secret to success? Playing what you like! For Matéo, acknowledging that music doesn’t have to be the “latest and greatest” in order to have dance floor appeal is key. Inspired by those who did it first, Matéo continues to seamlessly blend genres from across the musical spectrum, educating and nourishing the dance floor at the same damn time.


The Cobbles - Where you’ll find news and facts about street culture, music, fashion, art and entertainment with a touch of geek. Comprised of daily updated articles, interviews and blog postings, The Cobbles also offers a unique video section of everyday randomness. Primarily The Cobbles strives to generate unique memes through various outlets while inspiring our readers and those around us.

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew) & DJ CHERCHEZ B-Day Madness


Friday August 28th

DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew)
B-Day Madness |

DJ CHERCHEZ (Emily Carr) B-Day Madness
Cherchez is celebrating her birthday tonight @ Shine as well

364 Water St

Residents: DJ Arems, Rico Uno, U-Tern, Freeky P on the mic


DJ Tanner was born in Calgary AB Canada then moved briefly to the U.K before he ended up back in Alberta in the city of Edmonton. At age 17 he got his first decks and began making noise in the basement. Not too long after this and before his 18th birthday DJ Tanner found himself with a show at the campus/community station of CJSR at the University of Alberta. He and co-host Sunny Grimez then proceded to take over the ratings spot on the station killing Saturdays for the next 4 years.

Around the same time Tanner began holding down club nights with his crew "The Famous Players". The most notible being "Busting Chops" Sponsered by Circa at Lush and the legendary "Digital Underdogg" at the Black Dog. During this time Tanner brought such acts as Swollen Members/ Klever/Spictacular/J smoke/Gene Ferris/Dj Heather to name a few.

In 2000 Tanner moved to Vancouver and picked up where he left off in Edmonton. Starting at the Urban Well Tanner began DJing with DJ Arems and DJ Akshun and forming the group "Faction Sound Crew". Quickly the Faction began running the clubs and have played almost every venue in Vancouver and surrounding areas. DJ Tanner currently holds 3 residencies in Vancouver and 2 in Whistler and has toured Canada/Asia with encoure tours planned to Asia and Europe.

Check out for more info and mixtapes

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

RIP DJ AM. This song's for you.

Antony and the Johnsons - Another World (mediafire)

This is has been a seriously crazy year. Do they have a year of the devil in the horror-scopes? Cause it doesn't seem real. News reached that DJ AM has passed. After escaping death and surviving a plane crash earlier this year this is the last thing anyone expected. While still unconfirmed, it has not been shown to be false either. RIP DJ AM. This songs for you.

This is DJ AM's last tweet from 3 days ago. Hella eerie. Prayers and condolences for DJ AM's family and the entire DJ community.
DJ AM Dies

Law enforcement sources tell us DJ AM -- also known as Adam Goldstein -- was found dead this afternoon in New York City.

Sources tell us he was found in his apartment at around 5:20 PM. We're told drug paraphernalia was found at the scene.

Our sources say DJ AM had not been seen or heard from for a few days -- one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door.

We're told the friend called the cops -- but it was the fire department who finally entered his apartment and found the body.

Back in September of 2008, DJ AM and Travis Barker survived a plane crash in South Carolina. Four people died in the crash -- which was caused when the airplane aborted takeoff and then ran off the runway. DJ AM and Barker were the only survivors.

Story developing... [via: source]

Friday, July 31, 2009

Frank151 and Guerilla Union - Rock The Bells Tix Giveaway and Rock The Bells Pre-Party w/ DJ Dummy (Common's DJ)

Frank151 and Guerilla Union: Rock The Bells Ticket Giveaway

Big up to Frank151 and Guerilla Union teaming up for 1 incredible giveaway. That's right. We have 2 tickets to giveaway to one lucky winner. All you have to do is reply with an answer to the question below.

Enter to win 2 tickets to Rock The Bells 2009 with an answer:
Who do you want to see most at Rock The Bells 2009 - Vancouver?

Winner also receives a VIP Package to Rock The Bells Pre-Party tonight @ Shine w/ DJ DUMMY (Common's Official DJ). Read below for info.

Get Up Get Down and Elsewhere presents

Rock The Bells Pre-Party
w/ Common's DJ: Dummy

Inside Get Up, Get Down Fridays

Sean La-La

Back Room:
U-Tern | |

Rico Uno |

Hosted by Needle Kineval

Friday, July 31st, 2009 10pm-3am
Shine Nightclub - 364 Water Street, Vancouver

Join the Shine Nightclub Facebook Group:

Follow Shine Nightclub on Twitter:


Come celebrate the pre-party to the biggest hip hop festival ever to hit Vancity: ROCK THE BELLS!

On the 1's & 2's are Common's DJ Dummy who has blessed Vancouver twice previously while tearing down the house at the Common/ N*E*R*D after party, and at the NBA Draft Party back in the day (forgot we once had a team, didn't you!)

Funk the recession! We got you:
$5 off cover with RTB ticket or purchase confirmation

Purchase tickets online:


Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Freshest (Vancity) - Friday July 24th @ Shine

Marvel, Kutcorners, Seko & Rico Uno
@ Get Up, Get Down Friday

Hosted by Needle Kineval

Back Room: Resident U-Tern | |

Friday, July 24th, 2009 10pm-3am
Shine Nightclub - 364 Water Street, Vancouver

Join the Shine Nightclub Facebook Group:

Follow Shine Nightclub on Twitter:


The Freshest are those dudes! Comprised of DJ’s Seko, Marvel, Kutcorners, and Rico Uno they are quickly becoming the most versatile party-rocking DJ collective in the country. You can find The Freshest DJing the hottest club nights Vancouver has to offer, from weekend shows at mega-clubs to trendsetting weeknight parties. Their podcast has been featured on Vancouver’s #1 radio station The Beat 94.5, and their remixes are played by international DJ’s at parties like The Rub in Brooklyn to Hollywood’s LAX. Whenever you step into a Freshest party expect the best hip hop, dance, reggae/dancehall, disco, Motown and more: the eclectic winning formula that has solidified The Freshest as Vancouver’s most exciting and in-demand club DJ’s.

Mos Def, Clipse, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Peanut Butter Wolf, Kool Keith, The Roots, Fat Joe, De La Soul, Hollertronix, The Rub, Tittsworth, El-P, K-OS, Devin the Dude, Chromeo, Team Canada, Biz Markie, DJ Mehdi, Spankrock, Kid Sister, Cool Kids, Keys n' Krates, Skratch Bastid, Raekwon, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Juelz Santana, The Beatnuts, Tha Alkaholiks, Little Brother, Nick Catchdubs, Roc Raida, Vinroc, GZA, DJ Fashen, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Coolio, Boyz 2 Men, and Jon B.

EA Games, Red Bull, Freshjive, RVCA, Stussy, LRG, éS, Livestock, Aritzia, Dipt, Goodfoot, DHM, Gman & Rizk, Royal Caribbean, Cypress Mountain, The Vancouver Canucks, and Monster Energy Drink.

Click Here for Guest List

Skratch Bastid - 110% Tour - Party Tonight. Mixtape and Videos Inside

Ladies and gentleman. The Night You Have All Been Waiting 4...

Here it is. The mix you’ve all been waiting for! In the vein of my two most recent mixes, “Get Up!” & “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, I’ve put together a 60+ minute mix of hip-hop, disco, dancehall and all things funky: a sure shot from start to finish. “110%” gives you just that; squeezing in more energy than humanly possible into the tightest collection of mixes the Bastid can bring. Fresh for summer ‘09.

Contained within are my 3 most recent remixes (Wale f/Lady Gaga, Ciara & Justin Timberlake, Major Lazer f/Santigold and Mr. Lexx) as well as plenty of new routines; 3 of which I have filmed live footage for. The first one I am releasing is posted below: my James Brown “I Got You (I Feel Good)” routine. This is one of the highlights of my mix! Pass it along and tell a friend. And make sure to check out the track list. But above all, make sure you have a listen. The devil is in the details.

For this mix, I have decided to post it up for download at 192 kbps. Since the days of cassette mixtapes, I’ve always been releasing and selling my mixes as a way of funding my record collection and giving me resources to make more mixes. I am still releasing full quality (WAV) mix CDs for all my listeners wanting the best sounding mix to bump in your car or at home. But let’s face it: any music geek with mild google skills (I’m looking at you) can find my releases online at foreign country blogs or on torrents. I’d rather you come to me for my stuff, right? So. I’m giving you the option to donate if you feel you would like to pay for my mix. Any amount you like, via paypal. You don’t have to, but it would be nice! I work really hard on these things, and it goes towards helping me purchase music and find the time to make more mixes. Here are your options:

1) Grab the new 110% CD at the store. All orders will be processed that day and shipped out ASAP. Check the rest of the store for more Bastid goodies.

2) Download the 110% mix. And feel free to donate. Heeeere’s the button:

…And here’s the video:

A BIIIG ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone who continues to support my CDs, mixes, production and shows. Thanks for checking in and ENJOY THE MIX!!!!

-Skratch Bastid

Friday, June 26, 2009

U-Tern Birthday Bash w/ DJs U-Tern (Urb Next 100), Hedspin (Eh! Team), Rico Uno (Freshest Kids) - BACK ROOM OPENS THE NIGHT!!


U-Tern Birthday Bash
w/ DJs
U-Tern (Urb Next 100/Brooklyn Radio) - Website | Blog | Brookly Radio
Rico Uno (Freshest Kids) - Website | Blog
Hedspin (Eh! Team) - Blog | Myspace

Friday June 26th
364 Water St




Happy Birthday U-Tern

U-Tern is having some kinda year. Named in the 2009 edition of Urb's Next 100, he's internationally recognized for his remix and production work as well as his incredible podcast on Brookly Radio. Officially licensed remix work includes Beastie Boys, Architecture In Helsinki, Britney Spears, amongst others while his personal work includes reworks of Three 6 Mafia, Daft Punk, and Michael Jackson amongst many.

Come down and wish this Vancity heavyweight Happy Birthday and do remember U-Terns plays the back room every Friday @ Shine. Get Up Get Down with the best.

w/ DJs
U-Tern (Urb Next 100) | Rico Uno (Freshest Kids) | Hedspin (Eh! Team)

Related Events
Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

Michael Jackson - RIP - Music To Remember Him By

Born: August 29, 1958
Passed: June 25, 2009
- 50 years of greatness -

Sample Map:

Click Here for the full size image

DJ Mixes:
DJ Ayres - Michael Jackson Mix (in chronological order - whoa)
DJ Flipout - Michael Jackson Mix (live on The Beat 94.5 FM)
J. Period - Man Or The Music (one of the VERY best DJs in the mixtape game)
DJ Jaycee - Timeless Material: "Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years - Vol 1"

Rhymefest - Man In The Mirror (tribute album from 07)

Remixes (Singles):
Michael Jackson - HIStory (J Dilla Remix)
Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Demo (U-Tern Edit)

Remixes (Packs):
Michael Jackson - Remixed (tracklist here)
Michael Jackson - Remixed (Hedspin pack) (tracklist here)
Hip Hop MCs Who Sampled Michael Jackson (tracklist here)

Michael Jackson Collection - Part 1
Michael Jackson Collection - Part 2
Michael Jackson Collection - Part 3
Michael Jackson Collection - Part 4
Michael Jackson Collection - Part 5
tracklist here


Thursday, June 18, 2009




Hey all

Yes you read that correctly. We have made a small but amazing change to Get Up Get Down. Each and every Friday night we are now OPENING with the BACK ROOM. That's side entrance, that's tables and lounges, that's BACK ROOM SOUND starting right at 10pm!

I'm super excited for this and so are the rest of the DJs as well as Shine Night Club. We're bringing back the art of the opening set. If you've been in the back room of Shine you know that it's perfect for this switch around. Here's what it means:

Back Room
DJs U-Tern, Rico Uno +guests

New Dance
Funk & Soul Classics
Rare and forgotten gems...

Front Room
DJs Arems, Rico Uno +guests

Hip Hop
Big Chunes

MCs: Freeky P and Emotionz

Back Room entrance
Back Room party
Back Room sound
All at 10pm!

Get Up Get Down
5 Years and Running

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

DJ KIDD (Montreal / Tokyo Sundays / Goon Tribe) & GOLDENCHILD (Tokyo Sundays / Montreal / Goon Tribe)

Get Up Get Down - The Remix presents:


GOLDENCHILD (Goon Tribe, Tokyo Sundays, MTL)

Resident DJ's:
DJ Arems (Faction Sound Crew)
U-TERN (URB Next 100,

*** DJ KIDD "All Gravy, All The Time" CD Giveaways all night long!

Friday, June 19th, 2009 10pm-3am
Shine Nightclub - 364 Water Street, Vancouver

Join the Shine Nightclub Facebook Group
Follow Shine Nightclub on Twitter


DJ Kidd (Casey Gunning) has grown up listening to all types of music thanks to his musical family of drummers, songwriters and guitarists. He’s been rocking clubs and parties for over 10 years in Montreal. In 2000 he started one of the most talked about club nights in Canada, Tokyo Sundays. It’s been voted best club night in Montreal and has been a consistent success for the last 7 years in Montreal. Maxim magazine has given massive acclaim to Tokyo Sundays as one of the best club nights in North America.

Kidd has opened for artists such as Sean Paul, Questlove from The Roots, DJ Numark, and Jin. He likes to mix it up with reggae, hip-hop, funk, disco, classic house, old school, and anything else that rocks the crowd. You can catch him holding down a strictly dancehall party on one night and rip up a funk jam on the next. He is known for his versatility and is credited as one of the most adaptable party rockers in Canada.


The Goontribe has been a staple within Montreals night-life scene and have been attracting party goers to some of the best and most memorable celebrations ever hosted in the city. This coming Friday night, Shine Nightclub is excited to feature two of their headlining members for a clubbing event that is beyond comparison.

Join DJ Goldenchild and DJ Kidd; crowd movers whose reputation precedes them, and feel the one-of-a-kind enthusiasm, versatility and energy that have them high in demand not just locally, but internationally as well. This is your remedy for boredom, and the best way to put the stressful work week behind you!

With such unquestionable talent in the DJ booth this Friday night, you clearly cant afford to miss out on this event, so call your friends, set the date and get on the list today!

DJ AREMS | | |
Born and raised in Vancouver DJ Arems started off as a battle DJ at the age of 15 but soon got into party rocking and made his club debut at the age of 18 in Victoria under the eye of Vancouver Island legend Degree One. Always a fan of Funk, R&B, Soul and True School Hip Hop, Arems soon became addicted to Reggae and Dancehall which heavily influenced his style of play and changed his musical repertoire. In 2002 he helped form the Faction Sound Crew out of Vancouver. The Team (DJs Tanner, Akshun, Arems and Hype Man Trigga) set their sights on destroying dance floors at any club they played, as well a releasing a flurry of mixtapes along the way. In 2008, Arems was voted Vancouver's Top DJ for his DJ skills and club rocking abilities by Canada’s Top DJ Awards – the Stylus DJ Awards.

U-TERN | |
Garnering universal respect from peers is not common for DJs-cum-producers. U-Tern somehow managed it, and a reputation is steadily building for this humble Vancouverite. Spreading his obvious infatuation for all things music through his blog and weekly radio show, U-Tern is one of those individuals whose passion and drive are enviable. All that is secondary though: immaculate, charming disco-funk tracks are the standout here. U-Tern’s use of real instruments and his exceptional production chops translate into truly authentic pieces of music striking that balance between nostalgia and the 21st century.

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

Friday, June 12, 2009

DJ Baby Yu - B.I.G. - A Tribute To The Greatest Rapper Of All Time - The Mixtape

B.I.G. - A Tribute To The Greatest Rapper Of All Time - The Mixtape
* To all that have supported me throughout the years and actually appreciate the amount of work that goes into making my mixtapes and radio shows, I THANK YOU! I'm proud of this mixtape not only because of the time I put into the production, but because...(editors note: i'm curious to know too)

B.I.G. - A Tribute To The Greatest Rapper Of All Time - The Mixtape
1. Diddy Introduction
2. Bob Marley - Johnny Was
3. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Bob Marley - Hold Your Head
4. The Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong
5. Al Green - I'm Glad You're Mine
6. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
7. The Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa
8. Supercat feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Dolly My Baby (Remix)
9. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
10. The Notorious B.I.G. - Me And My Bitch (Live)
11. Zapp & Roger - Computer Love
12. Isaac Hayes - Walk On By
13. The Notorious B.I.G. - Warning
14. Edgar Winter - Dying To Live
15. The Notorious B.I.G. & 2 Pac - Runnin'
16. Diana Ross - Missing You
17. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112 - Miss U
18. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Method Man - The What
19. Junior M.A.F.I.A. feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Player's Anthem (Remix)
20. Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane
21. Junior M.A.F.I.A. feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Get Money
22. Sylvia Striplin - You Cant Turn Me Away
23. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. R. Kelly - Loving You Tonight
24. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112 - Sky's The Limit
25. Bobby Caldwell - My Flame
26. DeBarge - Stay With Me
27. The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance
28. Lou Donaldson - Who's Making Love
29. Craig Mack feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J & Rampage - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)
30. Les McCann - Valantra
31. The Notorious B.I.G. - Ten Crack Commandments
32. The Honey Drippers vs. R. Kelly - Impeach The President with My Body
33. The Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable
34. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You
35. The Notorious B.I.G. - Kick In The Door
36. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Diddy & Busta Rhymes - Victory
37. Bill Conti - Going The Distance
38. Black Heat - Something Extra
39. Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
40. The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk
41. David Porter - The Masquerade Is Over
42. The Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya?
43. The Notorious B.I.G. - I Got A Story To Tell
44. Lil' Kim - Crush On You
45. Jeff Lorber Fusion - Rain Dance
46. The Notorious B.I.G. - Gimme The Loot
47. James Brown - Coldblooded
48. James Brown - Blues & Pants
49. The Notorious B.I.G. - I'm Jus Playin'
50. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
51. Mary J. Blige feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Real Love
52. Total feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Can't You See
53. James Brown - The Payback
54. Mtume - Juicy Fruit
55. The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy
56. The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize
57. Herb Alpert - Rise
58. Jay-Z feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Brooklyn's Finest
59. Ohio Players - Ecstacy
60. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Luke - Big Booty Hoes
61. Idris Muhammed - Crab Apple
62. Puff Daddy & The Family - It's All About The Benjamins
63. The Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here
64. Last Poets - When The Revolution Comes
65. The Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullshit
66. Deodato - Skatin'
67. The Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty Boy
68. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out
69. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy & Mase - Mo' Money Mo' Problems
70. The Notorious B.I.G. - Going Back To Cali
71. Zapp & Roger - More Bounce To The Ounce
72. Diddy Outro
[via: source]

Listening to this right now and it's fckin gouda! This is going into the car immediately. DJ Baby Yu is a Canadian DJ. That's not a dirty word cause ya don't know bout the DJ talent we got in our homeland. Don't sleep on Canada! Listen to the mix to understand. Then subscribe to the podcast. And get familiar below.

More info:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jazzy Jeff Gets Kicked Off For Playing HIP HOP in KC (SMFH)

Jazzy Jeff just got kicked off for playing HIP HOP at a club in KC! wtf? Wow. First person to win a rap grammy. 25 yrs legend. Blows my mind.

Here is a few of his tweets about the incident. Z-Trip was playing before him and didn’t get hassled but Jazzy Jeff got kicked off 30mins into his set. SMFH!

“i guess…Kansas Just don’t Understand…lol” - DJ Jazzy Jeff

Friday, June 5, 2009

BODY WORK: First Edition - A Night of 80's Funk, Boogie & Disco


BODY WORK: First Edition

A Night of 80's Funk, Boogie & Disco

With DJ's
U-Tern |


Niña Mendoza |

Friday, June 12th, 2009
In the Back Room inside Get Up, Get Down Friday
Shine Nightclub 364 Water Street

Facebook Event:

U-Tern "Body Work: Volume 1"
It's been over a year since I released this mix and all the CD's are gone, so I figured I'd share it with those of you that didn't get a copy. It's a 60 track mix of various Boogie, Disco, Electro and other funky oldschool tracks with plenty of edits, blends, sound FX and vocal dubs.

DJ PUMP "Sevonte Swang"
his is a mix i put together that features some of my personal favorite tracks from the early 80’s club/dance era. You may call it funk, boogie, disco or whatever you prefer. It’s good music for your listening pleasure. Enjoy :)


Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine

Chillin, Illin & Grillin Mixtape Release Party w/ Faction Sound Crew & Moustache Men (Montreal)





Friday June 12th
364 Water St

Google Map - find directions from where you live

Good things happen when tight knit friends with a deep love of music decide to join forces. After practicing and honing their skills as bedroom DJs, Arems, Tanner and Akshun soon found themselves playing in lounges, DMC battles and smaller clubs around the way. All three DJs got involved in college radio as well and by the time they met in Vancouver it did not take long for a bond to form. The Faction Sound Crew was formed in 2001 by Dj's Arems, Akshun & Tanner and was joined by hypeman MC Trigga in 2006. Residencies at some of Vancouver's bigger night clubs soon popped up and the crew began working on Mixtapes and Radio Production.

Four years later The Faction found themselves opening for world class DJs and urban artists all over British Columbia. Their mixtapes soon caught the attention of a wider audience across Canada and began spreading around the globe. Currently the Faction has released 15 mixtapes in group and solo projects with a diverse range of musical styles including Club Bangers, Underground Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, B-More and Electro. In 2007 the Faction was nationally recognized at the Stylus Awards with a nomination for best mixtape. 2008 brought 3 more Stylus DJ award nominations including Best Mixtape, Best Canadian Reggae DJ, and Favourite Vancouver DJ which was won by DJ Arems.

As of late the world has come calling. In 2007 the Faction embarked on an Asian tour playing in the mega clubs of Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as doing many dates all over Canada. 2008 found the Faction touring in Europe and also included 2 National tours playing at some of Canada's largest mega clubs including multiple dates at the Guverment in Toronto (rated one of the top 5 clubs in North America).

Locally The Faction has been holding down residences at Vancouver's hot spots for unheard of lengths of time with over 6 years at the Plaza club, and 7 years at Whistler's Savage Beagle. Their infamous industry night at Balthazar, Sunday Night Soundsystem ran for 5 years and established Sundays as a big night to party in Vancouver. The Faction Sound Crew has played in every club in Vancouver and can be currently found DJing six nights a week at, Shine, Richards on Richards, Tonic, The Plaza and at Whistler's Savage Beagle. If you've found an insane party you've most likely found where the Faction is playing.

Emerging from Canada’s fashion capitol: Montreal; DJ New Money is well suited when it comes to the creativity he brings to the city’s nightlife. Relatively new to the DJ scene, New Money has positioned himself at the top and has quickly captured the attention of industry leaders across the nation.

Drawing his influences from such icons as: DJ Premier, Diplo, & fellow Canadians: Team Canada DJ’s; New Money embodies passion, energy, youth and originality.

With a style like no other, New Money welds high energy breaks with calculated mixes of club hits and party starters. Whatever the party, New Money is able to gratify the crowd without compromising his creativity.

Having already done numerous nation wide tours and holding down the hottest night in Montreal at the Bluedog every Thursday, New Money shows no sign of slowing his momentum. With various mixtape projects, online radio shows, and international appearances, New Money will be a household name when it comes to entertainment.

Get Up Get Down - The Remix
Fridays @ Shine