Sunday, September 20, 2009

She's Back From The Crack

Whitn3y H0ust0n - M!ll!0n D0llar B!ll ft A!icia K3ys (Mike Simonetti's Getting Stronger edit) (s3ndspac3) [source]

Dear Whitn3y, I hear ya and I feel ya on this one. Even though you take a monstrous bite off L0leatta H0ll0way's "We're Getting Stronger" you updated it nice and I'm not mad at that. I can feel your truth in this song and it's a beautiful thing. Welcome back. You smashed it.

Thanks to Alicia K3ys (who wrote this track) and Swizz Beats (producer) Whitn3y is back in a big way. Listen and agree. Yey I said it: agree (Pharoahe Monch).

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Manong Mike said...

Sweet. She actually sounds good too. Your blog rocks. I follow!