Thursday, March 19, 2009

GUGD: DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew) - "Party Over Here" CD Release Party - Friday March 20th @ Shine

GET UP GET DOWN presents  

DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew) 
"Party Over Here" CD Release Party 
Mixtape Giveaways All Night 


DJ Tanner has been reppin Faction Sound Crew for close to a decade alongside fellow crew mates Action and DJ Arems. You're already familiar with Arems rocking Get Up Get Down each and every Friday alongside Rico Uno and U-Tern and this Friday we've adding another member of the Faction Sound Crew for an all out hands up party!  

We're celebrating the release of Tanner's newest mixtape - "Party Over Here". Come down and grab ur copy and welcome DJ Tanner to his Get Up Get Down debut this Friday March 20th @ Shine!  

DJ Tanner was born in Calgary AB Canada then moved briefly to the U.K. before he ended up back in Alberta in the city of Edmonton. At age 17 he got his first decks and began making noise in the basement. Not too long after this and before his 18th birthday DJ Tanner found himself with a show at the campus/community station of CJSR at the University of Alberta. He and co-host Sunny Grimez then proceded to take over the ratings spot on the station killing Saturdays for the next 4 years.  

Around the same time Tanner began holding down club nights with his crew "The Famous Players". The most notible being "Busting Chops" Sponsered by Circa at Lush and the legendary "Digital Underdogg" at the Black Dog. During this time Tanner brough such acts as Swollen Members/ Klever/Spictacular/J smoke/Gene Ferris/Dj Heather to name a few.  

In 2000 Tanner moved to Vancouver and picked up where he left off in Edmonton. Starting at the Urban Well Tanner began DJing with DJ Arems and DJ Akshun and forming the group "Faction Sound Crew". Quickly the Faction began running the clubs and have played almost every venue in Vancouver and surrounding areas. DJ tanner currently holds 3 residencies in Vancouver and 2 in Whistler and has toured Canada/Asia with encoure tours planned to Asia and Europe. Check out for more info.


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