Friday, March 27, 2009

Emynd - R3ach Out (B-More Remix)

Emynd - R3ach Out (B-More Remix)

Emynd takes this Motown classic from the Four Tops and turns it into a low end thumpin, wall to wall knockin banger. Gotta love these Motown and soul b-more remixes. Bringing new life to timeless classics is always hella gouda.

Emynd & Bo Bliz (Crossfaded Bacon)

Which One Is It - Sw!tch Or Er!c B & Rak!m?

Sw!tch - A B!t P@tchy
Bonus: Er!c B & Rak!m - P@ss Th3 Hand Gr3nad3

I'm throwing this up cause I could have sworn that Rye Rye & M.I.A. track "Bang" used the Apache drums. Just like this song Switch track. Flipout swears it's Eric B & Rakim "Pass The Hand Grenade". So here is my choice and Flipout's choice. I still think I'm right. What do you think?

DJ Bl@qst@rr ft Ry3 Ry3 & M.!.A. - B@ng

DJ Bl@qst@rr ft Ry3 Ry3 & M.!.A. - B@ng

DJ Bl@qst@rr ft Ry3 Ry3 & M.!.A. - Bang

Rye Rye is back at it with another heater. Three heavyweight names pulled major weight on this one. Blaqstarr cooks up a spicy beat that creeps til it bangs. Rye Rye and M.I.A. should just do an album together already. Bang, Tik Tok. Who else is with me? Apache drums in full effect.

Blend - Know How vs Music

White Label Blend - Known How vs Music

I'm not saying this is good. I'm not saying it's bad. It is what it is. Use it wisely Young DJ. If you find yourself having to play Young MC and Madonna why not do it at once? Ah. Cougars. Bring it!

I'm actually putting this up for ?uestlove and Cosmo. Add to zee collection.

DJ Cl@ss ft Kany3 W3st - !'m The Sh!t (R3m!x)

DJ Cl@ss ft Kany3 W3st - !'m The Sh!t (R3m!x)
Bonus: DJ Cl@ss - I'm The Sh!t (original)

Song of the year! Yes, already. I know it came out at the end of 2008 but it's getting it's club love all over 2009. But can it last til the end of the year? We all know songs released in summer/fall tend to get the end of the year nod as top dog. Nevertheless - DJ Class is major. Who cares if it's released in January - that just means we have the entire year to enjoy this jam at all the parties through summer and fall and winter too.

There's a ton of remixes out there. Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri, Kid Cudi, and now Ye. I wanna hate on Ye but this one's ok. It's sad but the auto-tune makes the remix. I didn't think I'd ever write that last sentence. I'm the shit indeed.

Maj0r Laz3r (D!plo & Sw!tch) ft Andy M!l0nak!s - Zumb!

Maj0r Laz3r (D!plo & Sw!tch) ft Andy M!l0nak!s - Zumb!

Oh wow. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think I'm doing both. It's a strange sensation. Kinda like cutting the cheese and burping at the same time. Doesn't happen often and you're not sure if you want it to happen again.

Kany3 W3st ft T-Pa!n - Flight School

Kany3 W3st ft T-Pa!n - Flight School (with GLC)
Bonus: T-Pa!n ft Kany3 W3st - Flight School (with Odie Baby)

Beat supreme! Hook ain't bad too. Rest of it...well, at least it don't ruin the beat. No, hahaha, surprisingly this song is chest bumpin me. Sounds like if "Moments In Love" had a baby with "Strawberry Letter 23". I ain't mad Ye for this one. This is nasty. Have you been to flight school? One version has more bass than the other and u still wish that neither extras were on each version.

B-Boy Joker / Iron Man v Bruce Lee and more - Monsieur Monsieur Boivin

Patrick Boivin. First, I came across the Iron Man vs Bruce Lee which was pretty gouda. Then I found an older work by Monsieur Monsieur Boivin. It's B-Boy Joker and it's freakin supreme. It was a video game concept turned on it's head and when I first watch I didnt realize that I actually had to click the screen. Sick concept. Like choose-your-own-adventure book turned into a video/game. I have conveniently put all the videos in order for those who are not good at memory games. Just click one right after the other, don't click the screen. I chose Joker. Mind blastin!

Here's from his YouTube page:
I'm Patrick Boivin. A French Canadian autodidact director. For most of what you can see on my channel, I did the script, the light, the camera, the directing, the editing, the animation and the special effects... For some of them, I also made the sound and the music.

I started by drawing comic books 15 years ago, and quickly discovered that it was faster to tell a story with video. Then I gradually became a moviemaker...
Here are some other gouda vids from his YouTube page.

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Bumblebee Boy

Evolution Of Dance w/ Optimus Prime

Mandalorian Dance (Star Wars Flashdance)

Related Website:

Friday, March 20, 2009

K!ngs G0 F0rth - 0ne D@y

This is an extremely hard 45 to get your hands on. Single pressing limited to 500 copies only. Sold out before they were even in stores. NUTS! Listen to the video and you'll hear why. It's the next best thing to Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up" and that song to me is perfection. This is the type of shit that makes me happy to be alive. Sing, dance, shout, rejoice, do what you need to do to FEEL this. One Day! I think Milwaukee just got put on the musical map.

More musical goodies coming. This blog has officially changed. No more secrets. Time to share all this great music with the world.

GUGD: NEIL ARMSTRONG - NYC (5th Platoon / Roc Boyz / Jay-Z's DJ)

GET UP GET DOWN presents

First Time In Vancity!!

(NYC / 5th Platoon / Roc Boyz / Jay-Z's DJ)

Friday April 17th
Shine - 364 Water St



2008 has been an amazing year for DJ Neil Armstrong. After being tapped by Jay-Z to be his official World Tour DJ, Neil was catapulted into the highest-regarded Hip-Hop tour on the planet. And he held it down. From rocking in front of over 100,000 fans at the Glastonbury Festival, to anchoring a performance on the Letterman Show, to pumping with ice-cold veins at Madison Square Garden (three consecutive shows no less), DJ Neil Armstrong is now in the highest strata of DJ existence. And even though he can now been seen in a Jay-Z video with Mary J. Blige - You're Welcome, has spun for adidas at the Olympic Games in Beijing, has shared the stage with Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Swiss Beats, Puff Daddy, Timbaland, Bun B, Memphis Bleek, EPMD, and Method Man, or performed alongside Slayer, Interpol, The Cool Kids, Common, Neil Young, Mark Ronson, Coldplay, NERD, and Linkin Park, Neil is as humble and focused as ever.

Acknowledged as the founding father of the DJ Collective the “5th Platoon”, Neil was born and breed in NYC, cutting his teeth in the early 90’s during the era of backpack Hip-Hop and the art of Turntablism. His time spent in the trenches battling and mastering the art of spinning allowed him to rock shows alongside artists across the Hip-Hop spectrum - from De La Soul, The Roots, Company Flow andBiz Markie, to Kanye West, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean; he was also a member of the critically acclaimed 2 time Grammy -Nominated jazz band - Russell Gunn and Ethnomusicology, playing alongside iconic musicians Kenny Garrett (a member of Miles Davis' band) and Brandford Marsalis.

Over the last 8 years, he has made an indelible mark in the subgenre of Hip-Hop known as “Mixtape Culture.” Neil’s highly-regarded mixtapes represent his eclectic music taste and have generated considerable press, most-notably in Rolling Stone, Vibe,, Theme, URB and Complex. He has been featured in advertising campaigns for adidas and Under-crwn, produced a limited-edition shoe with adidas, was featured in the book Bedroom Rockers, and had a documentary series shot on him by Japanese TV show “NY Streets.” He is also a Rane-sponsored DJ.

Outside of his touring with Jay-Z, Neil has traveled the globe for an array of club appearances and corporate events. He has been the NBA’s DJ of choice for their Rookie Shootout since 2006, and has been hired by a multitude of companies for his services, most notably: Sony Playstation, Kangol, Lotus, adidas, LRG, Stussy, Courvosier, Sapporo, and The Sneaker Pimps World Tour. He has performed in Stockholm, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Iceland, Nigeria, Germany, Vancouver, Toronto, the Phillipines, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo, and many more.

Can't wait for this one Vancity. Madness!! First time ever in Vancouver. He's been steady killing the game for over a decade and he's ready to destroy Shine. This is gonna be awesome.

*** Below - Neil Armstrong receives word his life is about turn upside down by becoming Jay-Z's official DJ ***


View Larger Map - and find directions from where you live

DJ Tanner - Party Over Here Mix (dl link)

DJ Tanner - Party Over Here (Mix)

DJ Tanner in his Get Up Get Down debut TONIGHT @ SHINE!!  It's his CD release party for "Party Over Here".  Tracklisting is now up and so is the download link to the mix for all you outta-towners. Everyone else - see you @ Shine!  Hit me for guestlist.

K!ng M0st - UN!v3rsal M!nd C0ntr0l (C0mm0n R3m!x)

King Most sent this to me.  I had the good chance to meet him and hear him DJ at APT in NYC alongside Rich Medina.  This was the day after Obama's Inauguration and NYC was vibing, and so was King Most who had just arrived from Washington, DC straight from the Inauguration.  He's the man and he hails from San Fran wearing the DJ, remixer, and producer hats.  He's produced for Aloe Blacc, DJ'ed for Kero 1, is part of the Plug Label family and wears woman's underwear. (only on Halloween).

King Most takes Fela Kuti's classic "Expensive Shit" and flips it with a stuttering chopped beat that lands it somewhere between afro-disco and b-more.  This adds a new dimension to the Common track and this is what remixes are all about.  New breath and life to a song that had many people standing on one side of the fence or the other - they either loved it or hated it.  I was on the loved it side.  Now King Most is a name I check for when looking for bumpin remixes.


Common - Go (King Most Remix)

S0fr!t0 - Afr!can D!sco P0w3r (Atlant!c Conv3yor R3-w0rk)

I try to keep tracks to myself but, whatever, there's no such thing as "limited pressing" anymore in this digital age. Truth be told, this is my shit. I put a lot of things on this blog that I wouldn't necessarily play but this blog ain't for me. Maybe it's time to turn that around. Time to put the good shit on and leave the other stuff for everyone else to do. Deal? Deal. (I should have done this from the start - maybe I'll just re-start this blog)

So here we go. Afro disco soul. Can't get much better than this. Pysch, synths, chants, dance. Get it on. This is from Sofr!to who jumped out last year with the H!ghlif3 EP. Grab it quick cause it won't be around long I think.

ps. this is a hard record to come by. and a harder mp3.

Sn00p D0gg - Sn00p D0gg M!ll!ona!re

Sn00p D0gg - Sn00p D0gg M!ll!ona!re ft Tanv! Sh@h

The next mainstream cultural purge is going to come outta India. Sn00p goes in on the recent success of Slumdog Millionaire and takes it to the music industry but surprisingly taps another growing phenomenon - dubstep.  What's good for Weezy gots to be good enough for the big S-N-double-O-P don't it? 

With more and more people in mainstream North America discovering Bollywood and the filmi industry in India (and understanding that's it's bigger than Hollywood) all hands point East for cultural appropriation inspiration. At least it's not a sh!t show like the P-eeewwww-see-cat D0lls. What was that Weezy dubstep song again?  Anyone hear/wanna hear the Dead Prez "Hip Hop" dubstep?

Oh yeah is it just me or does Snoop sound like Ice-T on this one?

Black Ivory = Logg = Black Ivory = Leroy Burgess

Buzzer Beater: Black Ivory - You and I (sampled by Q-T!p for "Gett!n Up" and Madl!b for "Understand!ng (Compr3h3ns!on))

Black Ivory is Logg.  Logg is Black Ivory.  Leroy Burgess took the group from one record label to to Salsoul and in doing so had to change the name cause the other label owned the name of the group Black Ivory thus Logg was born.  Here are four tracks from, well, basically the same group.  

The Rae of Wu-Tang fame sampled track is a stand-alone heater and the other is a disco classic with the added Larry Levan touch.  Apparently "I Know You Will" was recorded, extended, given the Levan treatment and put out in 2 weeks.  Wow great music doesn't have to be complicated does it? I listen the full music tracks still, but only when it's this gouda. 

"Mainline" was Black Ivory's first foray into disco and "You and I" has been recently been sampled by two of hip hop's all time greats - Q-Tip and Madlib.  Black Ivory had a sh!tload more greats but here's the one's you should have known by now.

Brilliantly Uncomfortable - Home < 30 Square Feet

Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka and the Schemata Architecture Office have come up with a home design that rethinks just how much space one person needs. 6,000 square feet? 600? Well, try 30 square feet.

The Paco home has a hammock to sleep on, a Japanese-style recessed desk, and a sink, toilet and shower all in a crate that's a 3-meter-cube. It's not intended to replace where you live now, but rather to supplement it. It could be a beach house, a portable office — anything, really, as long as you find a way to lug it into place and hook up the water. Trying to open that hatch-like roof to get in doesn't look like the most comfortable solution, either, though maybe that's a doggy door on the side.

Still, toss some posters on the wall, maybe put a rug down, and you've got yourself a happy little home. Check out the gallery below for more of the Paco house. [source: here]

This is brilliantly uncomfortable.  Great use of space but will anyone really be able to live in such a space? I heard living space in Japan is tiny but 30 square feet? The big lie of course is it doesn't have a bed, furnishings, clothing, shoes, computer, tv, side tables and everything else that makes a home a home. Brilliantly non the less.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

GUGD: DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew) - "Party Over Here" CD Release Party - Friday March 20th @ Shine

GET UP GET DOWN presents  

DJ TANNER (Faction Sound Crew) 
"Party Over Here" CD Release Party 
Mixtape Giveaways All Night 


DJ Tanner has been reppin Faction Sound Crew for close to a decade alongside fellow crew mates Action and DJ Arems. You're already familiar with Arems rocking Get Up Get Down each and every Friday alongside Rico Uno and U-Tern and this Friday we've adding another member of the Faction Sound Crew for an all out hands up party!  

We're celebrating the release of Tanner's newest mixtape - "Party Over Here". Come down and grab ur copy and welcome DJ Tanner to his Get Up Get Down debut this Friday March 20th @ Shine!  

DJ Tanner was born in Calgary AB Canada then moved briefly to the U.K. before he ended up back in Alberta in the city of Edmonton. At age 17 he got his first decks and began making noise in the basement. Not too long after this and before his 18th birthday DJ Tanner found himself with a show at the campus/community station of CJSR at the University of Alberta. He and co-host Sunny Grimez then proceded to take over the ratings spot on the station killing Saturdays for the next 4 years.  

Around the same time Tanner began holding down club nights with his crew "The Famous Players". The most notible being "Busting Chops" Sponsered by Circa at Lush and the legendary "Digital Underdogg" at the Black Dog. During this time Tanner brough such acts as Swollen Members/ Klever/Spictacular/J smoke/Gene Ferris/Dj Heather to name a few.  

In 2000 Tanner moved to Vancouver and picked up where he left off in Edmonton. Starting at the Urban Well Tanner began DJing with DJ Arems and DJ Akshun and forming the group "Faction Sound Crew". Quickly the Faction began running the clubs and have played almost every venue in Vancouver and surrounding areas. DJ tanner currently holds 3 residencies in Vancouver and 2 in Whistler and has toured Canada/Asia with encoure tours planned to Asia and Europe. Check out for more info.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Omar Khan - Burning Up

Omar Khan - Burning Up | z/s/h/a/r/e

There's this cat named Omar here in Vancity. I've only gotten to know him recently but I've seen him long before that. Years ago. I'd say about 4-5 years ago. This cat used to come to my nights/spots where I'd be DJ'ing or promoting and he stood out for his dancing, his styles, and his smile. Always had a huge smile whenever he was on the floor. He loved it and you could tell. And the girls loved him too. Always.

I didn't really meet him til last year, which was odd cause he knew all the same dancers that I knew.  I started hearing about this photographer on everyone's lips and it turns out it was Omar, the same dude who I saw dancing at my nights.  Now I find out he sings and he does his own daam thang.  I haven't met many people that can captivate you with his movement, catch with his eye, and hit u with his voice.  A triple threat knock out if there ever was one.

Get a taste of what's to come as he's currently in the studio putting work into a new recording (can't remember if it's an EP or LP).  I have a feeling Omar's gonna be buuuuurning up buuuuurning up (I think he's on FIIII-YA).  Reminds me of PPP.  Excellent first effort.  Expect more from this talent from Vancouver.

Omar's Blog

Friday, March 13, 2009

GUGD: STARTING FROM SCRATCH (Canada's #1 DJ / Russell Peters / Usher) - Juno Weekend March 27th @ Shine with Canada's BEST DJ Talent!

GET UP GET DOWN presents

(Toronto / Canada's #1 DJ / Russell Peters' DJ / Usher's DJ)

for the FIRST time at GET UP GET DOWN!

Friday March 27th
Juno Weekend
364 Water St

CANADA'S #1 DJ makes his "Get Up Get Down - The Remix" debut!! Ask your favourite DJ who is the best DJ in this country and everyone without fail will say: Starting From Scratch. He's not only Russell Peters' tour DJ but also Usher's tour DJ as well as your favourite DJ's favourite DJ. With a hectic touring, radio, and studio schedule we've been working on booking Scratch for over 3 years. It's finally here and it's gonna be nasty! It's Juno Weekend and we're proud to celebrate homegrown talent with Canada's #1 DJ - Friday March 27th @ Shine

Canada's foremost urban club and radio DJ. He can be heard daily (Monday to Friday) on Toronto's FLOW 93.5 FM ( during the evening at 5pm & 7pm and throughout the country at club & concert engagements weekly. DJ Starting from Scratch, FLOW 93.5 FM's mix show magician, has been pleasing club crowds across the country for about 15 years and overseas from Greece, Antigua, Grenada, Barbados, Cancun, Acapulco, Germany, Cuba, St.Kitts & much, much more...He has also worked in studio with John Legend, Amerie, Faith Evans, Ginuwine, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Omarion, Doug E. Fresh, Brand Nubian, Kardinal Offishall, Fat Joe, the Fugees, among others...

Tune in to "the Traffic FLOW Mixshow" from 5-6pm and the "Critical Mix" at 7pm on FLOW 93.5 everyday for the latest music, original remixes and hottest exclusives. "Doin it like no other...Starting From Scratch"

Facebook | Clubzone | Shine

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kutiman - Thru You (Kutiman mixes Youtube) +2

This is the most incredible project in music so far this year.  And probably many years to come.  Like the first time I saw Mike Relm working with the scratch DVD players this takes the sampling game to another level.  

What would happen if your entire sample bank was all of youtube?  What would your music sound like?  What would your style be?  How would your videos turn out?  And what would the final outcome be?  All this and more has just been answered by the one and only Kutiman!

I'm blown away by this.  Who knew Kutiman was working on this?  Kutiman released his debut self titled LP in 2007 and it seems he's been hiding this ace up his sleeve.  With a solid debut on MPM, "Thru You" is probably the project that throws him into the big spotlight.  Hailing from Tel Aviv this Israeli musician has just changed the game.  I can't stop watching the videos on "Thru You".

Monday, March 9, 2009

Notorious B.I.G. - RIP - The Making Of Life After Death (XXL article)

Life After Death: The Making Of A Classic
The Making of Life After Death

R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. - 2 mixtapes (Cookin Soul & DJ Parler)

Cookin Soul hails from Spain and have just released a Notorious Big Tribute mixtape with DJ Drama.  They are the crew that brought the world OJayZis and other classic mixtapes.  Check the info below:
This is COOKIN' SOUL, a trio of producers/dee-jays straight out of Valencia, Spain: BIG SIZE, MILTON and ZOCK. We've produced songs for THE GAME, SWIZZ BEATZ, SEAN PAUL, MAX B, SOULJA BOY, DIPSET, THE LOX, SKYZOO, GRAFH, JOELL ORTIZ or CURRENCY to name a few, and have been featured in over 100 albums and mixtapes worldwide... 

Responsible for worldwide classic mixtapes such as "OJAYZIS" (Jay-z vs Oasis), "Billboard Gangsters" (Jay-Z vs Elvis), "Night of the Living Dead" (Biggie & DJ Whoo Kid) all of those featured on MTV, VH1, XXL magazine,... 

FIRST european producers making hits from Harlem to Compton.

Currently working on various projects including big names in the industry, underground cats and new infamous Cookin' Soul Mixtapes. [source:
Bonus is DJ Parler.  I'm really feeling these Sampology mixes that DJ Parler is coming with.  I threw up the Isaac Hayes one he did a while back.  He's his own words:
Inspired by the upcoming biopic & in commemoration of the B.I.G. legacy, I present SAMPLOLOGY: The Notorious Chapter...enjoy

The SAMPLOLOGY mixtape series, mixed by DJ Parler (par-lay), is a compilation of music & the original songs that inspired them. Connecting the dots between your favorite Hip Hop/R&B tracks and the classic hard-to-find gems, each chapter highlights a select artist, producer or genre. Past chapters include: J Dilla, Kanye West, Philly International Records, Jay-Z's American Gangster Soundtrack, and Isaac Hayes.
[source: DJ Parler]
Brooklyn Intro
Victory Blend - Diddy, Bill Conti, B.I.G.
Unbelievable Blend - Honey Drippers, B.I.G.
Kick In The Door Blend - B.I.G., Screamin Jay Hawkins
Juicy Blend - B.I.G., Mtume
Big Poppa Blend - The Isley Brothers, B.I.G.
Ghetto Red Hot Blend - Super Cat, B.I.G., Herbie Hancock
Me and My Bitch Blend - B.I.G., Zapp & Roger
Who Shot Ya Blend - B.I.G., David Porter, Mos Def
Dreams Blend - B.I.G., James Brown, Skillz
Hypnotize Blend - B.I.G., Herb Alpert
Brooklyn's Finest Blend - Jay-Z, B.I.G., Ohio Players
Get Money Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., Sylvia Striplin
Gettin' Money Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., Dennis Edwards
Players Anthem Blend - Junior MAFIA, B.I.G., New Birth
Crush On You Blend - Lil Kim, B.I.G., Jeff Lorber Fusion
The Benjamins Blend - Diddy, B.I.G., The Jacksons
Can't You See Blend - Total, B.I.G., James Brown
One More Chance Blend - B.I.G., DeBarge
Ten Crack Commandments Blend - B.I.G., Les McCann
Sky Is The Limit Blend - B.I.G., Bobby Caldwell
Outro (St James Pl & Fulton St) - Roy Ayers, B.I.G.

Rico Uno - Got Money (Rico Uno No Games Dancehall Remix)

Rico Uno is a resident DJ of our weekly Friday night party: Get Up Get Down - The Remix. Fridays @ Shine. He's recently placed runner up at the 2009 Red Bull 3 Style Vancouver Championships and is part of the Freshest Kids.  He laces us here with a Weezy dancehall remix with Serani's big tune.  It's a zip file with original, DJ edit, and DJ edit (clean) mixes.  Enjoy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

DJ Mel - Everybody Everybody

DJ Mel - Everybody Everybody | z/s/h/a/r/e
Bonus: DJ Ayres - Everybody Everybody | z/s/h/a/r/e
And 1: Black Box - Everybody Everybody 12" (zip)

DJ Mel hails from Austin Texas. He's coming to Get Up Get Down - The Remix on April 24th @ Shine. Prepare! Here's another dancehall remix courtest DJ Mel. More info, more beats, more mixes coming in the next weeks. Watch for the flyer for all the details on DJ Mel's Get Up Get Down gig.

I thought it was only right to hit u with some more dancehall remixes after I just posted DJ Arems Rasklatt remixes. So enjoy. 2 bonus include the original Black Box song (Le Freak is the classic version and the zip has the rockapella if you wanna make your own remix) and DJ Ayres Quiet Storm remix (which he smashs and I leave on repeat for periods).

DJ Arems - Rasklatt Remixes

DJ Arems - Rasklatt Remixes (zip)

DJ Arems is a resident DJ of our weekly Friday night party: Get Up Get Down - The Remix. Fridays @ Shine. He's won numerous awards including Stylus Vancity Fan Favourite DJ. He's also part of the Faction Sound Crew. He laces us with 4 Rasklatt remixes flipping dancehall beats, dancehall tracks, hip hop, and more. Includes R0n Br0wn, S3rani, Bounty K!ll@h, Vybz, Sn00p and more. Enjoy.

Gh0stfac3 x R!hanna x The Women

Gh0stfac3 - M3ssag3 Fr0m Gh0stfac3 | z/s/h/a/r/e/

Gh0stfac3 lays it down on recording for R!hanna and all the battered women out there. Regardless if it's an internationally acclaim singer, your neighbour down the street, best friend, or even your own mom, domestic abuse is serious. The police report really puts Brown on blast and rightfully so. If you haven't read the report go to Perez Hilton here. Heads up - it is quite detailed in Brown's step by step assault on R!hanna. He's got some real issues.

And don't forget two things:

1) March 8th - EVERY YEAR SINCE 1909 (1911 officially) - is International Women's Day. Each year there is a theme put forth by the United Nations but many countries decide to set their own. This year's theme is "Women and men united to end violence against women and girls". Our theme is "Status of Women (Federal Gov): Strong Leadership. Strong Women. Strong World: Equality". Some countries go even further to recognize it as an official holiday.
"International Working Woman's Day (IWD) is marked on March 8 every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

The first IWD was observed on 28 February 1909 in the United States following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. Among other relevant historic events, it came to commemorate the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The idea of having an international women's day was first put forward at the turn of the 20th century amid rapid world industrialization and economic expansion that led to protests over working conditions. By urban legend,[1][2] women from clothing and textile factories staged one such protest on 8 March 1857 in New York City.[3] The garment workers were protesting against very poor working conditions and low wages. The protesters were attacked and dispersed by police. These women established their first labor union in the same month two years later.

More protests followed on 8 March in subsequent years..." [source: wikipedia]
You can also go to the official IWD website for more info here.

2) Dec 6th - National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

"On December 6th, 1989, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition and knives, Marc Lepine walked through l’École Polytechnique in Montreal, separated the men from the women, and then proceeded to shoot and kill 14 women while making anti-woman statements.

Thirteen others were wounded. Lepine, who eventually shot and killed himself, had applied for admission to the school and was rejected. In the suicide note he left behind, Lepine indicated that he saw feminists as being responsible for everything that had gone wrong in his life.

December 6, 2008, marks the 19th anniversary of what came to be known as the Montreal Massacre. Events are held throughout the country to remember..." [source: Gov of Canada]
It's been 19 years since this shooting and this year will mark the 20th anniversary. This is a national day of recognition, remembrance, and fight against violence against women.

Special days of programming occur every year throughout Canadian campus/community radio stations and these are two that are relevant to this situation. Including IWD and Dec 6th there's World Aids Day, Mayday (celebrating labour rights), Prisoner Justice Day and tons more. You can tune in online to for discussions, music, themes and more related to each special day of programming. I used to be the Program Director at CJSF and know the time, effort, resources, energy, and dedication it takes to put together these special days of programming so give a hand of support and tune in.

Saukrates x Redman x Method Man

M3th0d M@n, R3dm@n, Saukrat3s - A Yo | z/s/h/a/r/e
Bonus: Saukrat3s - Hate Runs Deep b/w Get Touched (12")

Last night on twitter I was lamenting that Saukrates deserves a Juno recognition of some sort as he's been one of the illest Canadian MC/producer of our generation. DJ Synapse (New York / Frank 151) - DJ'ing Friday March 6th (TONIGHT) @ Shine - asked what Sauk's been up to and lo-n-behold Saukrates just showed up on the new M3th and R3d song A-Y0. Word! Bonus is his first 12" - "Hate Runs Deep" with the underappreciated b-side "Get Touched". Super hard to find on vinyl (even to this day) and it's here for you. Enjoy.