Friday, March 27, 2009

DJ Cl@ss ft Kany3 W3st - !'m The Sh!t (R3m!x)

DJ Cl@ss ft Kany3 W3st - !'m The Sh!t (R3m!x)
Bonus: DJ Cl@ss - I'm The Sh!t (original)

Song of the year! Yes, already. I know it came out at the end of 2008 but it's getting it's club love all over 2009. But can it last til the end of the year? We all know songs released in summer/fall tend to get the end of the year nod as top dog. Nevertheless - DJ Class is major. Who cares if it's released in January - that just means we have the entire year to enjoy this jam at all the parties through summer and fall and winter too.

There's a ton of remixes out there. Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri, Kid Cudi, and now Ye. I wanna hate on Ye but this one's ok. It's sad but the auto-tune makes the remix. I didn't think I'd ever write that last sentence. I'm the shit indeed.

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