Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guido Fist Pump = Best Website Of The Week

"This site is a shrine to the glory of guidos fist pumping. Guidettes the world over are already going nuts over the jersey shore dancing below. Thank you and keep pumping those fists. Welcome to the next generation of guido fist pumpery. The site is full blown 2.0."
What would we do without the internet? It's gold, pure gold. This is the best website of the week. Period.
It's easy to spot of one these Guidos - real easy:
1) "Blow out" style haircuts
2) Lots of earrings.
3) Wannabe mafia/gangsta.
4) Orange fake tan.
5) Lips tightly pressed together as if air-kissing someone. In every picture.
6) They almost always carry a bottle - not a drink in a glass.
Don't be mad. I'm giving you something to pump your fist to yo. Tiesto - Flight 643

Fack Norris Facts

Friday, November 28, 2008

Does He Make U Mac And Cheese?

Mary Prankster - Mac and Cheese / z/s/ha/r/e

This is the shit!
"All I want's a boy to make me mac and cheese / just straight mac with no (friends?) or peas / but every boy who's made me mac and cheese / has always turned out to be...a violent sociopath".
Wow. All to a rocking hip swinging beat. You can't beat this shit - it's the best. Ladies - heed the warnings cause it doesn't stop at mac and cheese. This has been your after-school PSA. (No it's much better than that - seriously this song rocks).

Still Can't Get Enough Of Nov 4th

obama historic by you.
J@y-(Z) - History | z/s/h/a/r/e

Jigga acknowledges the significance of Nov 4th with a fresh new song. Word on the street is that Jigga, Miss Independent (of Destiny's Child), and Leona Lewis are supposed to be performing at the Obama inauguration on Jan 20th. I think Obama, like his grassroots organizing and new media campaigning can reach a little deeper in the talent pool than that.

What about Daedalus? He made the best 1 minute song while Obama was running against Hilary for the Democratic Nomination. How about Nas? And all the DJ's (from DJ Premier, to Z-Trip, Green Lantern, Noodles, King Most who threw DOWN on Obama mixes and all the artists that got down on those?? I know they may not be THE biggest names out there but reach a little deeper and like your campaign, you'll find people worth fighting for, people outside the margins who are just as important and significant. I`m not hating, I just wanna see a lot of other people get shine.

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Miss Independent (of Destiny`s Child) vs Mr Pee On The Youth

Forgot About Remixes

D,r D.r$e ft E Mi(n)e M - F()rgOt Bout D.r$e (Morsy Mix) | z/s/h/a/r/e

Morsy has been making noise on the remix tip lately. This is on the dance remix tip much like the "Kic k Dru ms" remix of Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Bonus video below is another remix of this track done by DJ Macca who adds verses from Fifty and Wayne.

This Perfect Pairing Made My Day

C(0).m_ M(0)N ft C## L(O) - M@ke M.y D@ay | z/s/h/a/r/e

I`ve been a HUGE fan of both MC`s since a long while. Definitely since Can I Borrow A Dollar days and since Mr Lo went solo. Wasn`t that huge a fan of the Mob. This is some summertime steez - no wonder he wanted to call it Sum-mer. This happy go lucky song was just what I needed after another moving day. Suddenly I'm craving almonds...

Miss Independent (of Destiny`s Child) vs Mr Pee On The Youth

Be.Y O.n(c)e - I$f I W@s A B()Y (R K#l!y remix) | z/s/h/a/r/e

Classic! R K#l!y goes in on Be.Y O.n(c)e's latest and only he can do it like he can do it. The best part is they're both serious, but the man takes it cause he just pisses all over her (pun intended). The melodrama from both is pure Guido Fist Pump though (I just had to blog about the best website of the week!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Moving Sucks

Hey Blog World

Sorry I haven't updated in the past week.  I will be back on my game next week.  Just have to get through this week for packing for moving.  Moving sucksnuts.  And it doesn't get easier the more you do it.

If anyone can help move some boxes that would be great.  Doing it today, I think the container has arrived.  Call me or text me yo.


Friday, November 21, 2008

EVENT: COSMO BAKER (The Rub / NYC) - Get Up Get Down - Friday Dec 19th @ Shine

Christmas with COSMO BAKER (The Rub / NYC)
A special Christmas party with the one and only, the legendary Cosmo Baker

GUGD_COSMO_FLYR5web1 by you.

GET UP GET DOWN presents
a special Christmas party with the one and only, legendary Cosmo Baker

Friday Dec 19th
Shine (364 Water St)

Cosmo Baker (born 1974) is a 
New York based DJ, music producer, and turntablist.

Baker was born in Reno, Nevada. In 1976, at two years of age, he moved to Philadelphia, with his mother and older sister, photographer Zoe Strauss. At the age of 16 he was playing at many of the city's nightclubs, including Revival, Sugarcube (with DJ Storm), and Silk City, holding one of the original resident spots alongside 
King Britt at the Back 2 Basics party.

While living in Philadelphia, in 1997 he started a party named 
The Remedy. Bobbito has called this party "The dopest continuous weekly hip-hop jam in the United States".

Baker began traveling to Las Vegas on a weekly basis to spin at his residency at Baby's Nightclub, inside The Hard rock Hotel & Casino. He also started to devote more time to production and recording. Since 1997, he released several records. He also worked on his own solo material, which was by definition hip-hop, but showed as much influence of 
Neil Young as it did by EPMD. "Though I could see him in the booth, I couldn't believe my ears. Franz Ferdinand? The Rapture? Where were the smooth soul jams I dug on his Love Break mix? Once I'd shaken off the initial shock, it started to make sense. Baker rocks the party, and this was how the party needed to be rocked."

In 2003 Cosmo moved to New York and joined DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven as the third member of the collective known as The Rub: a classics and hip-hop party. "The Rub has gained an avid following for hybridizing genres with the aplomb of a skilled gardener. Like Philadelphia's Hollertronix, the Rub's fans dance to 
Stevie Wonder, MOP, Bj√∂rk Justin Timberlake, and Young Jeezy with equal fervor." 

As a member of The Rub, he has performed at the South By South West festival in Austin, Texas (2006 and 2007) and the 
Winter Music Conference during the same years. He also DJs alongside Scott Melker under the moniker "THE CMB." The pair recently released "Live At the Spotlite," a cd focused on New Jack Swing music. Cosmo has had a CD added to a time capsule in Honolulu, Hawaii. Baker was also the winner of the 2006 Scion DJ mixing contest.


EVENT UPDATE: Sammy Bananas (Fool's Gold / Brooklyn) - Friday Nov 21st @ Shine - Flyer




Sammy Bananas (Fool's Gold / Brooklyn)
Friday Nov 21st
Shine (364 Water St)

If you don't know who Sammy Bananas is you're about to find out tonight at Shine.  Not only is he signed to A-Trak's "Fool's Gold" label he's a remixer, producer, and DJ extrodinaire. ran up to the DJ booth and flipped his lid when Sammy was DJ'ing, Annie Mac (BBC) and DJ AM have heaped HUGE praise on Mr Bananas. He has rocked parties all over the world, from big to small, and he has turned them all out!  He's no stranger to Vancouver and he's going to rock Get Up Get Down for the first time.  This is gonna be awesome.

Sammy Bananas was interviewed on Urban Renewal Project (CFRO 102.7 FM - Tuesdays 10pm-1am).  If you missed it you can grab/listen to the URP Radio Podcast.  When DJ Sage asked Sammy Bananas for his top 5 songs Sammy fired off this list:


Clearly Sammy Bananas comes from the golden era of hip hop and has flipped his favourites and influences into a crazy party experience. You can hear this influence, range, and presence in his remixes and DJ mixes.  Check the links above for the heat.

This is going to be nuts @ Shine.  Can't wait for tonight.

Christmas with Cosmo Baker (The Rub / NYC)

Friday, November 14, 2008

EVENT: The OFFICIAL Three 6 Mafia Afterparty - Friday Nov 28th @ Shine


Get Up Get Down presents

Friday Nov 28th
Shine (364 Water St)

It's going down, for the first time in history - Three 6 Mafia invade Vancity and we've got the OFFICIAL Three 6 Mafia afterparty!! Shine is located in the heart of Gastown and opens from 10pm-3am.

We got Vancity's BEST DJs for the afterparty including DJs:
and special guest
Rob Rizk (back room)
J Peoples on the mic

Shine is OPEN til 3am!!

For table reservations, birthday bookings, Christmas parties, and any other requests go to the facebook event page or email us

more info:

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The Official Three 6 Mafia Afterparty - Friday Nov 28th @ Shine
Cosmo Baker (The Rub / NYC) - Friday Dec 19th @ Shine

EVENT: Skratch Bastid - TONIGHT - Friday Nov 14th @ Shine with LIVE STREAMING VIDEO FEED

bastid satisfaction guranteed flyer

Got the official tour flyer so here it is.

SKRATCH BASTID (3x Scribble Jam Champ / Juno Nominee)
with LIVE STREAMING VIDEO FEED from the DJ BOOTH to the TV monitors all night tonight

Tonight - Friday Nov 14th
Shine (364 Water St)

Not only does Bastid rock the party and turn everyone into a fan (Jazzy Jeff says he's a fan) but he also has incredible turntable and DJ skills and has THREE (yes 3) Scribble Jam Championship titles to prove it. So we've hooked up a LIVE STREAMING VIDEO FEED so that you can watch the show as well as dance your ass off all night long. It's gonna be nuts so get there early!

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Skratch Bastid live videos, Scribble Jam battles, mp3, mixtapes and more
The Official Three 6 Mafia Afterparty - Friday Nov 28th @ Shine
Cosmo Baker (The Rub / NYC) - Friday Dec 19th @ Shine

Wood n Soo - Weekend Warrior (4 Turntable Mix)

Wood 'n' Soo - Weekend Warriors (right click)

Got this in the mail but I haven't had time to put it up til now. Wood 'n' Soo have been featured guests at Get Up Get Down and have been rocking parties and making quite a lot of moves this year. Read below for the update.
It's been a busy year for a couple of old chaps like us - between touring the country in May and supporting our hero DJ Z-Trip on Labour Day, it seems like nearly every weekend was spent driving to some remote location to rock a show and party with some of the coolest peeps under the sun. Now, with the cold weather setting in and the festival season nothing more than a memory, we thought it was high time to drop another mixtape on y'awl. Following in the tradition of our previous cult-classics, 'Mangladeshin' and '4 Wheel Drive', we give you 'Weekend Warriors', a full-out tempo tripping, genre grinding, mash'n'grab. Recorded with 4 decks, 2 Serato Scratches and a whole lotta love, this set will bring you right back to those fast summer months while we wait out the cold ones ahead. Hope you dig it, and please feel free to share this with all of your friends. CD copies will be available in a couple of weeks. - Wood 'n' Soo
Tracklisting in the comments

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day = Show Hoppping??

It's Rememberance Day today that means it's a holiday. That also means that we can never forget what our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and sisters have done for us and our country. From war to volunteering our vets are an important fabric in our society thus we honour them all on a special day - Rememberance Day Nov 11th.

Being that it was a holiday it seems all major players in the promotions game decided to throw their own parties. There's a lot of shit to check out tonight and here are my picks:

Start: Marnie Stern @ Biltmore (Timbre)
Marnie Stern - Ruler / z/s/h/a/r/e

Gang Gang Dance are also on the bill but Marnie Stern and her virtuosity of the guitar will be a hard act to follow. This show could possibly be stolen by the opener.

(edit: Marnie Stearn did NOT steal the show - I left during the intermission before Gang Gang Dance but I heard they killed it)

Middle: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson @ Media Club (Sealed With A Kiss)
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed / z/s/h/a/r/e
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Woodfriend / z/s/h/a/r/e
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The Debtor / z/s/h/a/r/e

These 3 songs are perfect for showing off the range and styles of M.B.A.R. (terrible - I know). Throughout the quiet strength of Buriedfed, the hard hitting 70s rock of Woodfriend, and the pop sensibilities of The Debtor you begin to realize the talents of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. He never loses his identity nor his voice. It is the music that is set to match his milk and delivery man never misses a beat.

(edit: I left Biltmore to catch Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson but missed him.  Castanets were good - not I gotta listen to their album. Note: It is incredibly difficult for a new artist to have such a developed sense of self and voice on his debut album but Miles did it and that's the truth about his brilliance)

End: Digable Planets @ Commodore (Tigerstone, Gman & Rizk, Spectrum, Livenation)
Digable Planets - Rebirt of Slick (Cool Like Dat) / z/s/h/a/r/e
Digable Planets - 9th Wonder / z/s/h/a/r/e

Digable Planets were part of the trailblazers in the jazzy hip hop movement. Other leaders included A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Classic shit. Serious.

(edit: Digable Planets will be up tomorrow - sorry)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sammy Bananas - Friday Nov 21 - Get Up Get Down - Fridays @ Shine

Get Up Get Down presents
Sammy Bananas
Friday Nov 21st
Shine (364 Water St)
with DJs Rico Uno / Arems / U-Tern / JP da MC

Rising Brooklyn remixer and party maestro Sammy Bananas lives up to his name by crafting ecstatic tracks that ditch trendy production tricks in favor of pure pop satisfaction. He's already remixed the likes of Chromeo and 45 King, and his latest Fool's Gold EP Braids & Fades is a tribute to the biker-shorted divas of the 1990s, chopping up their r&b hits into uptempo club tracks. The approach has already made fans out of influential BBC DJ Annie Mac and platinum producer, who ran up to the DJ booth at Sammy's last LA show to shout "YOU made this?!?" The new record is a follow up to the equally catchy and early 90s rooted High Top Fades EP which saw release in late 2007. 

Early in this year, Sammy stunned the DJ community with his inventive bootleg of N.E.R.D's "Everyone Nose" which he rechristened as "All The Girls." He debuted the remix on the Screaming Bloody Murder tour in which he traveled North America with A-Trak, Sinden and Steve Aoki. The track was played across the world and became a staple in sets by heavyweights like A-Trak and Flosstradamus. Sammy is always working on new material, so keep on the lookout for his remix of Tittsworth's "WTF" coming out on T&A Records as well as his take on Trackademic's "Enjoy What You Do" dropping later this fall on Fool's Gold. Sammy continues to spread his net ever further with a European tour this October, and a trip to Australia planned for early '09. 

"Sammy IS straight up bananas. He ripped it at LAX and I can't wait to have him back!" 
- DJ AM 

"Wow I love these! I don't know which one to play on the radio!"
- Annie Mac 

"In a musical climate where so many DJs and producers are doing the same thing as the next guy, Sammy Bananas is a breath of fresh air. His music is full of character and can be best described by one word: funky"

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DJ Arems "Faction Sound Crew - Worldwide" CD Release Party - Friday Nov 7th @ Shine

faction worldwide front_500 by you.
faction worldwide back_500 by you.

Reminder: Get Up Get Down and Faction Sound Crew presents
DJ Arems "Faction Sound Crew - Worldwide" CD Release Party
Friday Nov 7th (TONIGHT)
Shine - 364 Water St

DJ Arems is back from a European tour and he's got a new CD that we'll be giving away tonight at Shine. It's also his birthday celebration as well as Finale Fall 2008 Release Party and Matt's (from Finale) birthday as well too. It's also good homies the twin's (Roddy and Freddy) birthday too. And Hana's (who has rocked the back room lots before) birthday as well. Tons of birthdays, tons of swag(ger like us), tons of giveaways all night long. 


Finale - Fall 2008 - Pics of the new line - Party Nov 7 (Tonight) @ Shine


SHINE (364 Water St)

Get Up Get Down and presents:
Finale - Fall 2008 Release Party
DJ Arems "Faction Sound Crew - Worldwide" CD Release Party

Finale Design - Fall / Winter 2008

Cut Creator

Finale Gotcha Back - Grey


Finale Gotcha Back - White

Parents Just Don't Understand


Finale X Strong Arm Steady Collaboration - S.A.S


Quiet As Kept

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U-Tern - One Day Later featuring Hedspin guest mix

Got this in the mail the other day. This teams up two of our residents at Get Up Get Down. U-Tern runs a weekly online radio show on Brooklyn Radio and he's also been killin it in the back room every single Friday @ Shine. Hedspin is a member of the Eh! Team and destroys any party he steps too, especially at Get Up Get Down.

U-Tern puts in WORK into his One Day Later radio show. With special guests, theme mixes, and exclusive production work from U-Tern himself, your best bet is to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast. 
"One of Canada's finest DJ's stepped in this week and destroyed the interweb airwaves! Do not sleep on this one people, this is pure class." U-Tern

DJ Hedspin guest mix...

Les Emerson - Time (Wicked Lester Remix)
Mr. Wiggles - JB Style
Speedometer feat Ria Currie - Am I Your Woman
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Pick It Up Lay It In The Cut
The Blackbyrds - The Runaway (Hedspin Party Edit)
BT Express - Give Up The Funk
The Barkays - Holy Ghost (Bad Ass Extended)
The Commodores - Brickhouse (Hedspin Remix)
Dizzee Rascal - Pussy Hole
N.E.R.D - Kill Joy
The Diplomats - I can give you love
The Wild Magnolias - Soul Soul Soul
The Rimshots - Dance girl
Can - Vitamin C (Hedspin Edit)
Head Automatica - Brooklyn Is Burning
Spanky Wilson - Sunshine Of Your Love
Jimmy Bo Horne - Gimme Some
Armand Van Helden - Ghetto House Groove (Hedspin Party Edit)
Zapp & Roger - You Should Be Mine (Grandtheft Remix)
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

U-Tern steps in for the second half...

Van She - Kelly (Breakbot Remix)
Kent - Vy Fran Ett Luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Ot Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Lifelike and Kris Menace Remix)
Sammy Bananas - Work Me
Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows (Knightlife Remix)
City Life - San Francisco feat. DD (Fred Falke Dub)
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Disco Dub)
Raymond Scott - Lightworks 


Skratch Bastid (Montrealifax / Juno Nominee / 2x Scribble Jam Champ) - Friday Nov 14th - Get Up Get Down - Fridays @ Shine


Skratch Bastid - Workout Riddim Blend / z/s/h/a/r/e
Bonus: Skratch Bastid - Get Up (mixtape - tracklist in the comments)

Get Up Get Down presents:
Friday Nov 14th
Skratch Bastid (Montrealifax / Juno Nominee / 2x Scribble Jam Champ)
Shine - 364 Water St

Skratch Bastid is the shit. He's coming to destroy our party Nov 14th @ Shine. He's a super talented DJ and there really ain't no party like a Skratch Bastid party. That college dropout is a fan - he blogged about the above remix. It's a hella gouda. Yes. That's what I said. A hella gouda. 

The best thing about Bastid coming to town means I get to see a whole bunch of people I haven't seen in ages! The heads will definitely be out for this one.

There's stuff you can read like his bio (which is pretty funny actually), but then there's video interviews, Scribble Jam championship routines, live party rockin footage, mixtapes, remixes and articles. Remix and mixtape above, videos below (with time duration 0:00):

Live party rockin DJ sets:

Skratch Bastid - Live @ Shambahla 2008 (Part 1) (2:33)

Skratch Bastid - Live @ Shambahla 2008 (Part 2) (4:01)

Live Scribble Jam Battle Routines:

Skratch Bastid - Scribble Jam 2001 - Death Star Beat Juggle (0:48)
(I lost my shit the first time I heard him do this live - although local legend Astrix also destroyed the Death Star with a full 6 minute Star Wars inspired DMC routine - I'd like to see Astrix's routine again anyone got footage?)

Skratch Bastid - Scribble Jam 2003 Champ (the video/battle that started it all)
showmanship, style, and skill - yes he still puts on a show when he's DJ'ing a party

Skratch Bastid - Scribble Jam 2007 Champ (2:28)


Skratch Bastid - on The Hour (CBC) (9:15)

Skratch Bastid - The Hardest Working DJ (when did he sleep through all this?) (3:48)

National Post Feature: Soundcheck with Skratch Bastid (5:00)

Skratch Bastid - Pass Da Mic TV Interview (4:10)

Skratch Bastid - With Live Footage from a previous DJ set @ Shine
Parts 1 (9:06) & 2 (6:18)

Bio below followed by quick links:

So... What do the South Bronx and Skratch Bastid have in common? They're both the birthplace of hip-hop and they both have red hair. That's what's up. And from here on in, we'll be referring to the subject as ‘Bastid’. Some people do call him ‘Skratch’ and some people also hate fried chicken. It's just a matter of taste. You know how Bastid makes nachos? One at a time, that's how. He puts a dab of salsa and grated cheese on each individual nacho chip and then puts them all into the oven like little nacho cookies. That's dedication to a craft. That's attention to detail and a creative mind. That's a mad scientist. That’s also a really slow way to make nachos.

What it do? Bastid is a real DJ (no iPod). He started DJing as a teenager in his Halifax basement and will someday be a grown up, though, he will most likely never be Filipino. However, he can rip the cuts, as evidenced by his competition history, taking home the Scribble Jam DJ Title 3 times. Professionally and for a living he makes cheese by rocking crowds everywhere and anywhere. Canadia, United Snakes, Europe, you better ask somebody.

…That’s it? Oh yeah, and he's nice on the production tip, too. After releasing an album independently, his beats caught the ear of longtime hometown associate Buck 65, planting the seeds of collaboration. Buck's ‘07 release, 'Situation' (Warner Music/Strange Famous), has been critically acclaimed as a return-to-form for the artist, with notable enthusiasm on Bastid’s production, scored on 12 tracks. Plus there's his mixtapes. A professional blend of selection, skill & humour; with a little bit of cocky-prick on the side. Hot like in the kitchen, they are. Hot like a polar bear in Texas. Check out his 2007 installment “Get Up!” for the evidence. He once heard it blaring out of his own grandmother’s Dodge Spirit. Basically, Bastid gets busy.

What it look like? He stands 5'10". Sometimes sports a beard. He plays anything and everything from James Brown to 3-6 Mafia to U2 and makes it sound good. Years of sleepless nights practicing routines for competitions have left him with more-than-ample skills and not much of a social life, providing the perfect combination of wanting to win the crowd over and doing it quite fancily. Like a modern day Axl Rose. Or something.

Loosies: Bastid is from the land of the fisherman and the McLobster: - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently he lives in Montreal and has residencies locally and in Toronto. Oh, and on Fridays he hands out blankets and reads stories to orphans. Both Bastid's parents and Jazzy Jeff think that he's a good DJ. He owns more records than mp3's. He enjoys the musical energy of M.O.P. more than that of Benny Benassi. He's allergic to being broke and most importantly, Bastid never trusts a big butt and a smile.

Facebook / Clubzone / Website / Myspace / Advance Tickets