Friday, October 31, 2008



Doors Open at 9pm
Back Room Opens Early Too


See you tonight @ Shine


This year is a super special year as Halloween falls on Friday Night!! This only happens once every 86 years so you know it's gonna be crazy. 

GET UP GET DOWN presents
$1000 (cash prize) COSTUME CONTEST

We have an incredible roster of DJs - 5 of Vancity's BEST DJs with Calgary's finest added to the mix. This is the first time Get Up Get Down falls on Halloween and we're going all out with a HUGE 6 DJ line up and an all out / drinks up / fist pump / feet dance / costume party!! To top it all off we're giving away $1000 CASH to the best in show. Shine has already started to put the finishing touches on the trick-or-treat Halloween installation so get your costumes ready, grab your tickets, and get ready for a ridiculous Halloween night!

Best(s) In Show:
$500 - 1st Prize
$300 - 2nd
$200 - 3rd

With DJs:
Disoriental (Calgary) 
Rico Uno
Nina Mendoza
JP da MC on the mic 

This party is gonna be slammed!

Tickets available at the door ALL NIGHT LONG!
Doors open 9pm
Back room opens early
End 3am (or later)

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Skratch Bastid (Montrealifax) Returns - Friday Nov 14, 2008 @ Shine (upcoming)
DJ Kidd (Montreal / Goon Tribe) & MC Chops (Montreal / Tokyo Sundays) - Friday Oct 17th @ Shine (past)
Sake-1 (San Fran) - Friday Oct 24th @ Shine (past)

Beatstreet - Halloween Mix

Here's another one to add to all the Halloween DJ mixes and Thriller remixes already out in blog world. Beatstreet Records (Vancity) breaks us off with an update of their Halloween mix for 2008. I'm guessing this one is by Avi Shack but it didn't say who made the mix. Avi Shack has been a staple in both Vancouver's record/vinyl scene as well it's campus/community radio scene. If you ever get a chance you should check out These Are The Breaks (Fridays 12noon-1pm) on CiTR 101.9 FM. 

Back when Get Up Get Down first started (then at Tokyo Lounge) Avi Shack was one of our resident DJs. Unfortunately due to family commitments and the booming record store he could no longer rock with us. He's a super talented DJ with DEEP DEEP DEEP crates and has a killer record store to boot. Check out his store and his radio show if you haven't already.

PS - Get Up Get Down resident U-Tern works at Beatstreet too
PPS - was that a trick or a treat in the picture??

Tracklist in the comments yo

Viva La Hova, OJayZis, G-r-e-y Album - Jay-Z Triple Play

viva la hova front_400 by you.
viva la hova back_400 by you.

Colplay vs Jay-Z - Viva La Hova
Bonus: Oasis vs Jay-Z - O-Jay-Zis
And 1: Beatles vs Jay-Z - The Grey Album

"My name is HOV (HOV!) / Cold-to-the-Play-Z" (thank you, that was freebee)

Truth be told I'm not a big Coldplay nor Jay-Z fan. I know. I remember I was working in campus/community radio when Coldplay first broke onto the scene. Everyone knew they were gonna be huge but no one realized that they'd make the jump so quickly, and rather successfully, from the c/c sector (always hated that reference) to the mainstream one. And today, 10 years after their debut, it's finally OK for hip hop fans to publicly express love for Coldplay.

I don't know what it is about Jay-Z that seems to make him the cornerstone of these "mash-up" albums but this is the third remix album that pits him against the very best in rock. Producers and DJs alike use his commercial reach, mass appeal, and crossover audience to create a statement by pairing him against an artist of equivalent stature. Even with "Viva La Hova", "O-Jay-Zis", and of course "The Grey Album" all centred around this Brooklyn MC, each has left it`s own unique mark.

Whether you love or hate either camp, when a project such as this matches heavyweights from different divisions you can't help but be curious how it's going down. So as a special treat here are all 3 projects in case you`re mising any of them. Go get them all above.

DJ Noodles: Barack Obama “PSA (The Closing Argument)” [Mixtape] + [Video]

DJNoodles-PSA-VoteForChange-Cover-1-500 by you.
DJNoodles-PSA-VoteForChange-Cover-2-500 by you.

DJ Noodles: Barack Obama “PSA (The Closing Argument)” [Mixtape] + [Video]

Another Obama mix! This one comes from DJ Noodles - he's got an important message too. Everyone in America's gotta stand up, be counted, get to the polls, vote and affect change in one of the most important times in history. Don't give up, don't let McCain supporters trick you nor persuade you at the polls, and don't let change get away from you. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE GETS COUNTED AND REGISTERED CORRECTLY as there are lots of stories about electronic voting booths changing votes from Obama to McCain. AND don't forget to understand the rules of voting in your state and county. Different rules apply in different areas.

As another great leader - Mahatma GHANDI - once said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world". BE THE CHANGE and VOTE FOR CHANGE this Tuesday November 4th. VOTE FOR OBAMA!

"We must take nothing for granted in this Election, and as we all prepare to make our generation’s voices heard, it all comes down to this Tuesday November 4th. Expect long lines at the polls, in some states it will be cold, it will be snowing, it will be raining, but we must not turn around and leave- we must wait and cast our vote for change in this historic election.
To help you get through the wait, and keep you motivated DJ Noodles has released “PSA: The Closing Argument”, a new mixtape showcasing the inspiration Barack Obama has passed on to the musicians and artists of our generation, and a Fix Your Face first, included in your download of the mixtape is a iPod Video version of the mixtape as well, so for those of you with Video ipods, not only can you rock out to the latest from DJ Noodles, but you can watch the Barack Obama PSA Mixtape Video right in you hand as you wait in line!
Don’t count on someone else to cast the votes needed, take nothing for granted and SHOW UP on Tuesday, all of our futures depend on it."
Remember - Nov 4th - Vote For Change

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Event: Halloween Costume Party - $1000 Cash Prize - Friday @ Shine


This year is a super special year as Halloween falls on Friday Night!! This only happens once every 86 years so you know it's gonna be crazy.

GET UP GET DOWN presents
$1000 (cash prize) COSTUME CONTEST

We have an incredible roster of DJs - 5 of Vancity's BEST DJs with Calgary's finest added to the mix. This is the first time Get Up Get Down falls on Halloween and we're going all out with a HUGE 6 DJ line up and an all out / drinks up / fist pump / feet dance / costume party!! To top it all off we're giving away $1000 CASH to the best in show. Shine has already started to put the finishing touches on the trick-or-treat Halloween installation so get your costumes ready, grab your tickets, and get ready for a ridiculous Halloween night!

Best(s) In Show:
$500 - 1st Prize
$300 - 2nd
$200 - 3rd

With DJs:
Disoriental (Calgary)
Rico Uno
Nina Mendoza
JP da MC on the mic

This party is gonna be slammed!

Tickets on sale now:

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Skratch Bastid (Montrealifax) Returns - Friday Nov 14, 2008 @ Shine (upcoming)
DJ Kidd (Montreal / Goon Tribe) & MC Chops (Montreal / Tokyo Sundays) - Friday Oct 17th @ Shine (past)
Sake-1 (San Fran) - Friday Oct 24th @ Shine (past)

Video: Children`s Hospital Gives Everyone A Royal Shaft

FTW! Rob Corddry (Daily Show, Harold And Kumar Go To Guantanemo Bay) is the man behind this and what a great fackin promo! Apparently it's a take on
a British comedy series (yo Kinetic - I'm looking at you - you British loving bastard).

This looks like it's gonna be hella gouda but it seems The WB is intent on giving it's audience (and itself) the royal shaft. Children's Hospital is being produced as an original web series, broadcast online at The WB website. Ever go to The WB website? Neither did I, until I wanted to get more information on the series, and I was immediately greeted with this:

wbshaft_200 by you.

Nice. Shafting the world for America - THAT'S the sound of one hand clapping.

From The Children's Hospital Press Release (Parading As A News Article)
- Lake Bell (upcoming feature film ''Pride and Glory'')
- Ken Marino (''The State,'' ''Veronica Mars'')
- Erinn Hayes (''Worst Week'')
- Rob Huebel (''Human Giant,'' ''The Awful Truth'')
- Jason Sudeikis (''Saturday Night Live'')
- David Wain (''The State,'' ''Wainy Days'')
- Nathan Corddry (''Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,'' ''The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'')
- Ed Helms (''The Office'')
- Nick Kroll (upcoming feature ''I Love You, Man'')
- Megan Mullally (''Will & Grace" /
two-time Emmy winner) as The Chief.

Starts in December.

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Video: Cheeky Monkey Fan Club On Ferguson (ACTUAL Cheeky Monkeys, not the British Kids)

Video: Cheeky Monkey Fan Club (ACTUAL Cheeky Monkeys, not the British Kids)

chmnky_200 by you.

Craig Ferguson is GOLD: "I'm only talking to the ACTUAL Cheeky Monkeys, not lonely old ladies with cats". Watch the video below:

Ferguson is quickly becoming the king of late night talk shows alongside Jon Stewart (and "The Daily Show") as well as Stephen Colbert (and "The Colbert Report"). Free the monkeys!

Urban Dictionary: Cheeky Monkey
Video: Children's Hospital Gives Everyone A Royal Shaft

Sunday, October 26, 2008

DJ Premier Puts His Stamp On Obama (Mixtape)

djpt4chge_200 by you.

Why can't the Canadian elections be as FUN as the American one? We had poopin birds, a hidden platform that unravelled like a sweater into thin air, a national party that was initially left out of the debates, a French man who is more important to Canadian politics than people realize, a party leader who re-signed immediately after the elections but that all pales in comparison to the next great one - Sarah Palin. She's a one woman show and apparently, wants to take it there.

Sarah Palin has just called for her own nomination for the next Republican presidential race. At first I LOLZ then I ROTFLOLZ then I shot a cat (who likes cats anyways). Then I remembered the movie "W" and I shot myself. A supposed idiot George W Bush made it to become President not once but for TWO TERMS. Don't think Palin as President is impossible, we've all seen what the American Dream is made of (thanks AIG!) and we've all seen what it's capable of (thanks "W"). See the movie and you'll see that Palin might be off her rocker but she`s a female Bush (no pun intended).

With election day 9 days away (Nov 4, 2008) DJ Premier has come out the studio to throw his support behind Obama and does it in proper Premier fashion. He's been the king of the intro ever since he used those bars as his personal soapbox and he comes with another gem, attacking both politics and hip hop:

"Time 4 Change means two things. Time to change this Presidential / government / facked up shit. Time to change this corny ass rap shit, get it back on track. It was never facked up anyways, it's just, radio/major labels you fell the fack off! We back home, where we belong, ya know? If you want change it's up to you muthafackas! Everywhere I go across the world, people fight for their rights. Here in America muthafackas is pussy, acting like they can't do shit. START DOING SOME SHIT otherwise you ain't doing shit! Make sense? It does now cause I said so. And that's all you need to know. Time to cut it up. And you know my name, I go by the name of...Premier...P P P Premier..."

01 DJ Premier & Biggest G - Time 4 Change
02 Nygz - Policy
03 Big Shug - When I Strike
04 House Of Reps - U Gotta Love Us
05 Termanology - Hold That
06 Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
07 Prodigy - Veterans Memorial Pt. 2
08 Statik Selektah Ft. MOP, Jadakiss - For The City
09 Young Maylay - I Showed You
10 D-Flow (DITC) - Like Dat
11 Scarface - Emeritus
12 Jake One Ft. Little Brother - Bless The Child
13 Ludacris Ft. Floyd Mayweather - Undisputed
14 LL Cool J - Dear Hip Hop
15 DJ Revolution Ft. Planet Asia - School
16 Bumpy Knuckles - The OG Pt. 3
17 Royce Tha 5′9″ - I Gotta Shake This
18 DJ Revolution Ft. KRS-One, DJ Premier - The DJ
19 Black Milk Ft. Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, SeanPrice - The Matrix

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Is A Fight So Get Involved With It

qtplf by you.
Q-Tip ft Raphael Saadiq - We Love/Fight | z/s/h/a/r/e

Q-tip and Saadiq are back together but it's no "Get Involved". I guess you can't expect another "Get Involved" but after what Saadiq did with his latest album "Way I See It", their latest collab leaves you a little disappointed here.  Regardless it's consistent with the sound heard on other songs off "The Renaissance".


kdsslx by you.

Kid Sister's latest from her upcoming album "Dream Date".  Previously heard was "Family Reunion" ft David Banner.  These two songs have me AMPED for the album.  Kid Sister's already a monster and this just adds to her rep.

A Classic 70s Update

dplobyrhd by you.

Diplo - Blow Your Head (DJ Eli Remix) z/s/h/a/r/e

You KNOW this is gonna be RADICCHIO. Diplo with a DJ Eli remix? You might as well be dancing now before the song even starts. SICK update of a James Brown classic. Eli Escobar is one of my favorite remix producers out there. Have you heard that M.I.A. remix of Jimmy? Hella gouda. Just like this one.

A Marvelous Life? A Marvelous Time

msdf by you.

New Mos Def from his upcoming album "The Ecstatic". I know some people who are gonna be ecstatic to have some new Mos Def.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies

jknts_200 by you.

I was just on the phone with Peoples' and he was telling me about one of his song concepts.  I told him it reminded me of the Juggaknots, and him being a younger cat didn't know what it was so I told him I'd bring it down to the club tonight for him to hear it.  Then I re-heard the album and daam - you need to hear the WHOLE thing!  Yes. Man. All. Of. It.  It's a CLASSIC.  

Here's the song I was talking about "Clear Blue Skies".  Now remember, most people when they first heard this song didn't know what nor who the Juggaknots were.  No pictures, no press, no information.  Most people thought the MCs were white or possibly one white one black cause either situation brought different senarios and interpretations to the song.  But they were blowing up all underground radio without press nor photos.  When people saw them for the first time and found out that both MC's were black the whole meaning and images created by "Clear Blue Skies" was completely flipped on it's head.

"Clear Blue Skies" is the one that made people notice but some trumped "Loosifa" and "Romper Room" as the instant classics instead.  In any case they're all a bag of cookies.  And DAAM was it EVER hard to find on vinyl.  Most had to cop it on the re-issue, thankfully I copped mine on the first pressing.  Classic.

Finale - 2008 Fall Release Party - Nov 7th @ Shine

Get Up Get Down and Finale Presents

finale_shine_party_flyer by you.
First Look At The New Finale Fall 2008 Line

with DJs
Sage / Rico Uno / Arems / U-Tern
JP da MC on da mic

Get Up Get Down is proud to collaborate with Vancouver's very own Finale Design.  The good folks over at Finale are about to launch their latest line for the Fall 2008 and they're celebrating with a HUGE party @ Shine.  Expect lots of giveaways, T-shirts, CDs, cake, booze, mayhem and Vancouver's BEST DJs.  It's also one of the founder's birthday but shhh I didn't tell you that.

Finale has been getting mad love from all over the world and major heavyweights have been caught wearing.  The Clipse, Jamario Moon, GZA and more have all rocked Finale.  Be sure to come down with some extra cash as you'll probably want to cop a few shirts at the launch party.  You can peep the new line Nov 7th @ Shine but for now, here's a reminder of last year's line:
finale_border by you.
Also happening Nov 7th @ Shine
DJ Arems CD Release Party (free CD giveaways)
Our very own DJ Arems returns from a European tour with a brand new mix CD in hand. It's a promo mix for Faction Sound Crew titled "Worldwide" and we've got mad CDs to giveaway. Free Swag(ger Like Us) all night long along with Finale!!

A special DJs birthday as well - TBA


Get Up Get Down - The Set List (02)

It's Friday and that means it's time for another Set List. The Set List is just that - a playlist of music and vibe that you'll find at Get Up Get Down - Fridays @ Shine. Go get it at the end.

tribe_200 by you.
Q-Tip - Getting Up Remix ft Eve
Bonus: Q-Tip - Move

"Getting Up" was blasted out a month or so back and now a remix drops with Eve and "Da Benjaminz" beat. Not really feeling the remix by Swizz Beats. Bonus song has a video.

Q-Tip - "Move" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

ola_200 by you.
Mr Oizo - Two Takes It

This is a remake of the Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock classic "It Takes Two". This comes off of Mr Oizo's latest album "Lambs Anger" with Carmen Castro reworking the lyrics.

jls_200 by you.
Whitehead Brothers - Forget I Was A G

Props to DJ Kidd outta Montreal for this one. Last week he was in town and he killed it at Get Up Get Down. I came outta the back room and I hear this playing in the front room - daaam. It took me back. I had to go look it up to remember how and why I know this track and, of course, it comes from the Jason's Lyric Soundtrack. Never saw the movie btw but loved the soundtrack.

kcjj_200 by you.
K-Ci Hailey - If You Think You're Lonely Now
Bonus: Bobby Womack - If You Think You're Lonely Now

Staying with Jason's Lyric you couldn't deny that K-Ci was one of the talented folks in Jodeci. At the beginning of the song K-Ci gives a shout out to Bobby Womack and for years I kept looking for the Bobby Womack original. I gave up looking thinking it didn't exist cause I never found the vinyl and no onew knew what I was talking about. Thanks to the internet I found it some years back. In any case K-Ci yellsings (sounds kinda Russian no?) all over this. Classic.

jrlqp_200 by you.
J Rawls - Tribute To J Dilla
Bonus: J Rawls - Tribute To The Beatnuts

J Rawls is dope. He's produced for Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli), Slum Village (and more) and he's one half of Lone Catalysts. The Dilla tribute comes from "The Liquid Crystal Project I" and the Beatnuts tribute comes from "The Liquid Crystal Prject II".

Get Up Get Down - The Set List (02)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DJ ILLO - The Truth Radio Show - 18.10.08

illo_200 by you.

Just got this in the mail.  New "The Truth Radio Show" mix by DJ Illo coming outta Ottawa.  Big up Illo holding down in the nation's capital.

Team Canada Presents: The Truth Radio -Dj Illo 18.10.08

Its been a minute since I sent one of these little things out. I even wrote a pretty fancy tracklisting for ya too.... yeah yeah thats what i thought! haha. Some fun disco-y, house-y, popp-y, rapp-y chunes this past week.

DJ Illo (Eh! Team)

Truth Mix 18.10.08
1. Love Lockdown Intro - Dj Illo
2. Love Lockdown (Tom Wrecks Rmx) - Kanye West
3. Body On Me (Mr Gaspar Rmx) - Nelly ft Akon & Ashanti
4. Beeper Partybreak - Catchdubs vs Kid Sister
5. Substitute Lover (Wideboys Rmx) - Estelle
6. Cross The Dancefloor vs Cross The Dancefloor Rmx - Dj Illo vs Treasure Fingers vs Chromeo
7. Don't Touch Me (Edit) - Dj Illo vs Busta Rhymes
8. Shake It To The Ground (Arthur King Rmx) - Rye Rye vs Young & Company
9. Just Fine - Dj Benja Styles vs Mary J. Blige
10. Long Train Runnin (Dj Soap Rmx) - The Doobie Brothers
11. Darlin Darlin Baby Rmx - Dj Illo vs The O'Jays
12. They Dont Want Music Rmx - Dj Illo vs BEP & James Brown

Sake-1 (San Fran / (((Local 1200))) Sound System) w/ DJs Rico Uno, U-Tern, Nina Mendoza, JP da MC

SAKE-1 (San Fran) - first time @ Get Up Get Down
(San Fran)
Oct 24th @ SHINE

Born and raised in the culture of hip-hop, DJ SAKE-1 has been looking for the perfect beat since 1989. A founding member of California's (((Local 1200))) Sound System, DJ SAKE-1 has utilized a combination of advanced science and Bay Area hustle to genetically alter the hip-hop idiom into a 360 degree circle of soul. You can find DJ SAKE-1 kickin' up dust and making 5,000-person venues feel like neighborhood house parties from San Francisco to New York City to Atlanta to London and beyond....

DJ SAKE-1 has humbly Served the People as resident DJ at legendary parties such as: Church; Fabric; Soulville; Candy House; Luscious; Oakland Reggae; FeelGood; Unify! and many, many more. He presently resides at the groundbreaking Pacific Standard Time weekly, while traveling to do his thing at vaunted spots like Little Ricky's Rib Shack (NYC), The Rub (NYC), Blacktronica (London), Chocolate Sundays, Outside the Box, Do-Over & Afro Funke (Los Angeles), Earthlink Live (Atlanta) and mucho mas.

Sake One is also a hard working studop producer, having created mashups, remixes, edits and original productions for mixtapes and studio releases. Check his sound on any of his mixtapes or at his live performances. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get Up Get Down - The Set List (-03)

Diggin in the maillist archives again and here's another Set List. If any links are broken please let me know in the comments and I'll fix em.

King Most - The Obamix

"The intent of this mix was to try and capture what WE'VE all been feeling these past months: hope, struggle, and the importance of facing a challenge. It also serves as a reminder, and perhaps an introduction to what OUR candidate is all about. With that being said enjoy, register, & get involved."

History, Change, & Victory In November
- King Most (Plug Label/Kero One)

This mix features music from Jackson 5, Badu, Masta Ace, Mizell Brothers, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and more. It's a good mix.

Bonus: This Is Your Nation on White Privilige - by Tim Wise (article - read it)

Imagine this: Harper wins a majority and McCain/Palin wins the House. Then Harper agrees to allow Alaska to finally build their pipeline through Alberta. Oil spills onto Canadian land and Harper rejoices for the sudden black gold and pushes through the oil sands project. I don't know where I'm going with this one - all I know is that in North America (both sides of the border) - we're in the most important time of our lives. GET OUT AND VOTE.
Oh and read the article by Tim Wise regarding the elections and white privilege. It's a good one.

Thes One - Funner Than Leather (right click)

Thes One made a mixtape for lastest People Under The Stairs album "Fun DMC". This is the best way to hear the new album before purchasing it.

Devin The Dude ft Snoop Dogg - I Don't Chase Em
Bonus: Devin The Dude - El Grande Nalgas

Two Devin the Dude tracks. Here are two lead singles from his new album "Landing Gear" set to drop Oct 7th. The Dude is back. "I Don't Chase Em" uses the same sample as Poor Righteous Teachers did for "Word Iz Life".

Robin Thicke - Magic (Mark Ronson Remix) ft Wale and Mary J Blige
Bonus: Robin Thicke - Magic (Remix ft Kardinal Offishall)

Two Thicke remixes. Mark Ronson remix is heat. This track surprises - who knew the son of the Growing Pains dad could have soul?

Wale - I Will ft Xscape

Wow. Xscape eh?

Musiq Soulchild - If U Leave ft Mary J Blige

Alicia Keys ft Jack White - Another Way To Die

Who would have thought these two would make a song together? Here is it - for the upcoming James Bond movie.

Diamond D - D I A M O N D

New Diamond D. His beats were always sick. If you haven't heard "Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop" yet cop it and hear a great classic album.

Get Up Get Down - The Set List (-02)

Digging from the maillist archives once again. I'll try to post as many as I can tonight.

Mixtape: Defenders Of The Faith - Pandemic Mixtape Vol 1 (preview to the new album)

Checkmate and Concise are back as Defenders Of The Faith and this song is butta. "Takin It To The Top" is one of those beats that make you feel happy to be alive. For all you radio DJs bump the shit outta this one and don't forget to mark it as Cancon. And don't forget to give it spins during SoCan weeks. Support homegrown talent - always.

Josh Martinez has always been a favorite of mine. I even got to DJ for J Mart and Sleep aka Chicharones at the world reknown Jazz Cafe in London some years ago while I was backpacking in Europe. Then went on a tour through Scotland, handed keys to a car, given a map and itinerary and let loose. Driving on the right side is some shit, and daam if we didn't almost crash a hundred times on that tour (big up Louvens - you almost killed us a few times yo). Those were good times. Off his new album "World Famous Sex Buffet". Produced by Skratch Bastid. Some more Cancon for you radio DJs.

Lupe's on a remix tip and he's trying to make amends for the VH1 Hip Hop Honors A Tribe Called Quest Fiasco he created. If you forgot (or missed it) Lupe forgot the lyrics to the Tribe verse he was reciting. Nothing special (per se) until he went online and said that he never listened to Tribe and didn't count them amongst his influences. Seems like's all forgotten and forgiven as Q-Tip appears on this remix.

Kid Sister's newest track to her upcoming album "Dream Date". I think that a Diplo or A-Trak or Flosstradamus or MSTRKT remix or...there`s probably gonna be a remix of this...if there isn`t one already.

Way before T-Pain and the auto-tune and Kanye`s Love Lockdown and Snoop's Sensual Seduction there existed the true OG`s of the sound - Zapp & Roger. They used the Vocoder to perfection and made it their signature sound. Computer Love is a classic - amongst many classics in their discography - and used by Redman, Biggie and others. Bonus is "Be Alright" which become "I Get Around" by 2Pac.