Friday, March 20, 2009

S0fr!t0 - Afr!can D!sco P0w3r (Atlant!c Conv3yor R3-w0rk)

I try to keep tracks to myself but, whatever, there's no such thing as "limited pressing" anymore in this digital age. Truth be told, this is my shit. I put a lot of things on this blog that I wouldn't necessarily play but this blog ain't for me. Maybe it's time to turn that around. Time to put the good shit on and leave the other stuff for everyone else to do. Deal? Deal. (I should have done this from the start - maybe I'll just re-start this blog)

So here we go. Afro disco soul. Can't get much better than this. Pysch, synths, chants, dance. Get it on. This is from Sofr!to who jumped out last year with the H!ghlif3 EP. Grab it quick cause it won't be around long I think.

ps. this is a hard record to come by. and a harder mp3.