Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jazzy Jeff Gets Kicked Off For Playing HIP HOP in KC (SMFH)

Jazzy Jeff just got kicked off for playing HIP HOP at a club in KC! wtf? Wow. First person to win a rap grammy. 25 yrs legend. Blows my mind.

Here is a few of his tweets about the incident. Z-Trip was playing before him and didn’t get hassled but Jazzy Jeff got kicked off 30mins into his set. SMFH!

“i guess…Kansas Just don’t Understand…lol” - DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Anonymous said...

ive worked for radio in nebraska and they was frigid, but they wouldnt've done that to jazzy.
for now i live in wichita i know they are tight."community radio" in ks. really should be defined as hip hop cops, or mormon (lds) are easier to work with than kansas radio. my family dj7 @ kzum got yo back.